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 O......k.....wellll... I guess until someone removes listener bias with a real double-blind test, we are really just flogging the demised equus ferus. Oh, wait, I did that once.  The test, not the flogging.   Posted about it here, even.  But I don't think anyone cares, so I'm going go do something more productive than hunt down the post.  Like bake cookies. I bought a 1 oz bottle of Analog Magic on eBay.  Sprinkled it on everything I own, and it's now all...
Perhaps just the slightest exaggeration here?  Ever actually heard a 56kbps mp3?   Unless the vinyl were ripped to a 56Kbps mp3, there's actually no way it could sound like one.  But it does sound like you need to get control of the ripping process.
 Nah, you were limited by preamp noise and mic self noise.  People been doing that for decades, even pre-digital. You needed a dead-quiet LDC, and a decent pre, and 16 bits woulda worked.
 You're killin' me!!!
I love a theoretical discussion as much as anyone right up until the theoretical position paints the practical position as "wrong", because that makes everything, analog and digital, "wrong" and fatally flawed.  While true in the absolute, it's far from the reality we deal with every day.  I also greatly appreciate perfection, but until we have it, I'm also more than willing to embrace excellence in what we have in our hands, appreciate and enjoy it, flaws and all.   16...
 Seriously over-thinking what "time delay" is.  I didn't say "group delay".  Fractional sample delays?  Really, no need.
Time delay would be an exception. SQ is unaffected in any measurable way....and until we start recording and producing recordings for some other being, the human factor is all that really matters.
 I did not recommend either, as I have no basis to do that.   The folks at headphone.com have tested them, and I trust their data.If you prefer to trust what "many people" say, thats up to you.How do you know the Air's output is 4x the power of iPhone? You could calculate the maximum volume you'll get from each, but the short story is, you'll probably get enough from the PK1 with no amp, but you'll get a lot more from the PK2 with no amp.   You said you want an earphone...
These should answer your questions:   http://www.headphone.com/headphones/yuin-pk1.php   http://www.headphone.com/headphones/yuin-pk2.php
Yeah, sorry, I'm sure it is to somebody.   I've always considered consumer line level to be -10dBu, which I guess is about .25V, but anything near by... They're using 0dBV now, so that places -10 at .316 Vrms, a whopping 2dB difference.  It doesn't matter a lot, because in recording there have been nominal reference levels anywhere from -15dBFS to -20dBFS depending on who you are, what you're recording and what A/D you're using. The early Sony PCM stuff referenced at...
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