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Yes, it's been sold for a while now.
It's hard to say for sure because I'm using it with the HD650 now also, rather than the HD800 than I had when I had the Trafo.  My T3 also has Cinemag OPTs and Mundorf caps.  In that config, I'd say it's probably in the same league. Likewise I'm curious about the iFi because of the flexibility and features.  The Trafo was also a very versatile amp.  The T3 sounds great, but is strictly an amp, with no extra frills.
That's good to hear.  I used to have the Yggdrasil /w Trafomatic Head 2, and also my old Eddie Current Super 7.  I've since had to downgrade to the Gungnir MB and ECP Torpedo III.  I like the T3 but I'm still curious about the iCan Pro.  And curious how it meshes with the Schiit MB DACs.  Also using an HD650 now instead of HD800, but I'd like to upgrade back again, to an HD800S in the future. 
 The one in my Sig: ECP/Beezar Torpedo III, with Cinemag output transformers, and Mundorf Evo Al-Oil caps.  Base kit is $550, but was $800 as optioned.  Killer value, but of course, it's DIY, and required some through hole soldering proficiency. The iCan Pro is appealing just because it presents a high level of flexibility, with a compact form factor.  But sound quality is unknown right now.  Not sure what "digitally balanced" is?   I know it's balanced from the converter...
You may be confusing the Gungnir with the Bifrost. The Bifrost is single ended output only. The Gungnir MB has balanced output with 4 converter chips, one for each channel. I think the Gungnir MB with ICan pro could be a killer setup, and a combo I'll be keeping an eye out for impressions on. I have the Gungnir MB right now, but with a high end DIY (albeit single ended) amp.The ICan Pro is on my radar if it can come close to the sound quality of my current amp. I'm...
Yes, hopefully soon.  I started this thread over 2 years ago and still following.  Mostly still curious about how the iCan Pro will perform.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying my new DIY amp.   Hoping some loaners will go around when it's officially released.  I'd love to compare the two.  The flexibility of the iCan Pro seems enticing, but of course, sound is most important.
Nope, one thing that's always impressed me is how they utilize the maximum of the given space.  Same with the iDSD Micro, the enclosure is packed to the brim.  Some great PCB engineering going on.  From the video, it seems at least the long top board is dedicated to power supply duty.
You're welcome to hook it up on top of my Gungnir MB if you'd like. It would probably be a nice pairing, and probably more people would want to hear it than my Valhalla 2. And they can always be swapped out.
Cool, just wanted to check, since I saw all those name tags being made up.
Is there still being confirmation PM's sent out as in the first post?  If so, I didn't get one.  But I am still coming tomorrow.  I sold my Yggdrasil, and am using a Gungnir MB now instead.
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