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Yes, hopefully soon.  I started this thread over 2 years ago and still following.  Mostly still curious about how the iCan Pro will perform.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying my new DIY amp.   Hoping some loaners will go around when it's officially released.  I'd love to compare the two.  The flexibility of the iCan Pro seems enticing, but of course, sound is most important.
Nope, one thing that's always impressed me is how they utilize the maximum of the given space.  Same with the iDSD Micro, the enclosure is packed to the brim.  Some great PCB engineering going on.  From the video, it seems at least the long top board is dedicated to power supply duty.
You're welcome to hook it up on top of my Gungnir MB if you'd like. It would probably be a nice pairing, and probably more people would want to hear it than my Valhalla 2. And they can always be swapped out.
Cool, just wanted to check, since I saw all those name tags being made up.
Is there still being confirmation PM's sent out as in the first post?  If so, I didn't get one.  But I am still coming tomorrow.  I sold my Yggdrasil, and am using a Gungnir MB now instead.
I personally thought the 600 ohm setting made the sound a little loose or fuzzy with the HD800 when I had it. I usually switched between 50, 100, and 300, mostly using the 100 setting. Different sources may change that opinion. I was using the Schiit Yggdrasil XLR out with it.
Yes, very nice red.  Now you just need some matched Colorware HD800 to go with it, though the HD800S does look good with the black controls.
The plate is on the bottom. The top and sides are a seamless wood chassis lined with metal internally. The internals are actually mounted upside down. So the picture is looking at it from the bottom.
Hopefully they are able to repair or replace for you.  I never ran into that problem when I had it, and the internal wiring and craftsmanship appeared top notch when I inspected it.
Shameless plug.  Just listed mine, if somebody wants to buy and bring it to the meet.
New Posts  All Forums: