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I never realized that, thank you.  Haven't owned one, though.  Just the Mojo.
If anything, with the crossfeed, I'd like to see an option to apply the crossfeed effects to the RCA outputs for use with an external amp.  This is probably unlikely to happen, though.  I do realize, I could just use the headphone output with a Y-cable (like I do with the Mojo) to achieve the same effect.  
 Looks like this Luxman here (which is Japanese).  Only it's mirror imaged, probably to avoid copyright issues. But if you were at the last meet, you're probably thinking of Frank's Allnic amp Nevermind.  you were talking about the guy with the picture, trying to identify the amp.  It's not the same one though.  That anime screen is definitely the Luxman.
Unless they've made a major change, I doubt the iDSD Pro is mirroring the DP-777 in that regard.  The "Quad Core Dual Mono" is just a fancy way of saying they are using 4 DAC chips, where each chip has a mono output in a 4 channel, balanced out configuration. (each chip handling half a phase of left and right channel).
Being a current satisfied Mojo owner, this updated Hugo also interests me.  Assuming the retail price doesn't get too bloated.  It does seem like the Hugo 2 should offer better value than the previous one at about the same price.  I think around $1800-$2000, it could be quite competitive.  I've always liked how Chord can squeeze out performance out of a limited physical space.  There's a certain design efficiency that I appreciate as a future prospective engineer.   Like...
Given that this thread is in the source component section, and a thread for the Pro iCan exists seperately, I've edited the title to reflect focus on the Pro iDSD.
I will try to get it shipped to the next loaner recipient tomorrow, assuming no Snowpocolypse issues here in Michigan.
Here is my review for the loaner program.  I am going to try to also post it to the reviews section, but the upload was giving me an error.   First of all, special thanks to Todd at TTVJ Audio for the opportunity to participate in this loaner program.                      Introduction:   The Sangaku is the first Apex Hifi product I have had the opportunity to audition.  It is one of, if not the first headphone amps to utilize the new Korg Nutube, which is a...
In your case I'd say the Stax. If you don't feel an appreciable difference between the Modi and onboard sound, you will likely be disappointed spending the money on a higher end DAC. Or it could just those headphones aren't resolving enough. In any case, you could try the Mojo first with the Koss and see if you like it and the Chord house sound first.
Are you using with the iDSD? I found the presentation to seem a bit recessed in a similar way the Elear is already recessed. It may not be an ideal pairing. If you are willing to try parametric EQ, try something like +5db, 4.5khz, Q=16.
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