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I use my Arrow 2G at work for 5-6hrs daily and it can last up to 2weeks. Assuming a 5-day work week and i don't use them at all on the weekends, that's up to 50hrs battery life. This is just a rough calculation of course.
Interesting, the V2s were not as comfy to my ears as the V1. But the benefit of removable cables and upgrade cables is tempting. Wonder if I should consider it....  
OK, so I was wrong...
I could be wrong but it looks an awful lot like the UE Super.fi 5EB...in white?
Huh? Is the first statement meant to be sarcastic? Cuz it doesn't seem to tally with the second statement.   
Thats what I thought...
Isnt that technically just the Buffalo II's ES9018? Since the DX100's DAC is bypassed?
Really? Just goes to show you how different everyone's ears are. I didn't the W4's highs as being in-your-face at all. IT was good, yes. But not in-your-face. And overall the W4 struck my ears as rather boring albeit quite accurate / neutral.   I think those filters (or dampers) are Knowles' ones. See this:  --->http://www.head-fi.org/t/517747/earsonics-sm3-appreciation-thread-third-time-is-a-charm/1020#post_7790431  
  I could be wrong but i remember someone saying they bought some spare filters off ebay. They maybe generic ones and not necessarily the same ones used by Earsonics (that is assuming they didn't use generic ones to begin with) though. Possibly similar to Ety filters I'm thinking? Anyhow, isn't the filter-less sound a little harsh or sibilant? Haven't had the guts to try that mod as I'm afraid this very same thing would happen. Don't want to risk ruining the SM3s delicate...
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