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Selling my HD800's that I've had since August 2015 (I am the first owner and bought these brand new) I'm only selling them so I can try something else.  They're in very good condition with only one tiny nick on one of the ear cups you can see in the last photo. You can't really notice it unless you look for it. I would rate them 9.5/10. I have the original box and manuals as well. Will consider a trade ONLY for a pair of LCD-2's fazor. PM me if you have more questions....
Selling my first gen Fiio X5 because I'm not getting that much use out of it anymore. It's had a screen protector on its whole life so the screen is scratch free! I just took it off for the photos there is a new one included in the sale. The body has scratches all over it but its simply cosmetic and not too bad IMHO but this thing is a tank!  It comes with everything in the pictures, including 2 64gb micro sd cards, including all original packaging, some cables that it...
Hey! Curious about trading my 10/10 Shure SE846 for a pair of JH Audio Angies. I love my SE846 to death but I really want to try the the Angies. If you're interested PM me and lets talk  Cheers!
Selling my PSB M4U 2 headphones in white. They are brand new and sealed in the package. I won these at a charity raffle and I don't really have use for a pair of noise canceling headphones. These have stellar reviews all across the board!  PM me with any questions. Cheers!
My wallet is starting to hurt with all thesed new releases from Chesky! 
Selling my beloved HD600's that I've been using that last year and half. I upgraded to the HD800's so i have no need for these now   They are in very good condition, would rate them 8/10. Just a couple minor nicks here and there nothing very noticeable and the pads are slightly compressed more on one side, nothing to worry about.  Come's with the original box, manual, stock cable and stock 1/4" adapter. I will eat the Paypal fees and we can work something out shipping...
New Posts  All Forums: