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1) Toronto,Ontario   2) No reviews yet, but I hope that will change!   3) Gear Current:   Audeze LCD-2F Woo Audio WA6 Chord Mojo Shure SE84 Shure SE215. Gear Past:   Sennheiser HD800 Grado SR-60i Grado SR-325is AKG K550 Shure SE535 Sennheiser HD600 Fiio X5 ALO Audio Pan Am Carot One Fabrizolo ALO Audio "The Island" Fiio E07-K Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 100       4)Gear I want to try...
Selling my Audeze LCD-2's. I picked these up from a Head-Fi member last spring, he barely used them and I've just used them since.   I want to upgrade to LCD-X's or XC's that's the only reason I'm selling, I absolutely LOVE these headphones they're fantastic.   Included in the sale: Original shipping box, pelican style case, both cables (XLR + 1/4"), and manual/cards.   ***NOTE*** There is two clear coat chips at the bottom of the right eat cup on the wood. One has...
Haha. Mines not the prettiest thing in the world either, don't worry.  Function over form!
Thanks! Any pictures of how yours turned out? 
Finally figured out how to attach my mojo to my 6s plus. Slightly ghetto lol. Velcro FTW
I thought none of these cables worked because they aren't MFi certified.
Can anyone help me setup Foobar to play DSD files? I'm SO confused. I've tried mulitple guides and nothing is working. I'm very frustrated, trying to use it with my Chord Mojo.
What kind of daps are you guys using? I was looking for some input. 
Can I use a 200gb micro sd card in this? Thinking about getting one to use with my mojo but only want one if i can use a card with that much storage.
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