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Selling my Fiio E07K because i'd like to buy the Fiio X5 and i would get more use out of that. Its in mint condition, as its been left in the silcone protective case the whole time.  Everything you see in the pictures is including in the sale, i dont have the orignal usb cable but ill throw one in so you wont be without. I am also including the Fiio L9 ipod to 3.5mm adpater in the sale. PM me with any questions!  
Looks like a great buy! Too bad i already have one :( GLWS!
Would you trade for a pair of Shure SE535 plus cash?
Would you consider a trade for shire se535 + cash?
Would you trade for a pair of HD600's + cash?
Looking for a pair of good condition Grado SR325is/e. I had a pair of these a while ago and miss there sound signature, if you have pair let me know! I strongly prefer to deal with a fellow Canadian to cut down on shipping or even better if you live in Toronto! A local deal would be best. Thanks!
Looking for a pair of LCD-2's in good condition, i only want a canadian sale to avoid the hassles of shipping over the boarder/customs and tax. I am located in Toronto. Cheers, Jonah
PM sent...
I have these brand new mullard tubes, i bought them but have since then sold my pan am before these arrived. They are the best tubes to use with the pan am, many people agree so.  I will ship anywhere, but i prefer a canadian deal.  
Looking for a Sophia Princess in good condition with low hours. Thanks
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