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Sony MDR-1R Silver at 87£ on
 I agree with you but I think that in the case of "Ferrari", they don't need that much of advertisement.If it was a "Starbucks" or "Doctor Oetker" version,  that would be different :D
Onkyo ES-HF300 for 99€ at not the biggest deal ever but few pennies can be spared...
AKG K551 white @ 89€ on   The black version is at 98€.
Jabra Revo (wired version) at 66 € on ibood Belgium:   However I do not find any review around and I have no idea what they sound like...
Yeah, I noticed it on the product description.You can have 5% discount more by using the code PLUS5 also.
For Belgian, French and Switzerland People:   BeyerDynamic T50p @ 114€ on LDLC: (change your country by clicking on the flag above).   Stock: 3   Warning: This is a destocking, they will have a warranty of 2 months via LDLC (maybe BeyerDynamic will be more indulgent).
I can't find V-Moda M-80 anymore in Europe :s   Wanted to offer those to my brother but it seems they are out of stock everywhere :s
For Belgian people, AIAIAI Capital at 34.95 € (+ 5.95 € shipping) on ibood.   I guess other EU ibood might have the same deal.
So after some burnin i'm finally testing them. First I think that the clamp isn't strong enough, just pressing the cups a little bit more and I find the sound more engaging, don't know if it's due to the fact that i was used a AKG K191DJ which is a clamping king... But that point disappoints me.   Second, they are bigger than I thought, i'm still not sure if i'll dare get out with those... Third the cable which came with it is hard to fit in (i couldn't do it until now...
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