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I dont random but sometimes you are not in the mood for specific tracks and you want to skip them.Unlocking in the pocket to switch is not ideal. I prefer a button which does it directly.
   Thanks guys ! That defintely settles things for me. I'll go for the cowon M2 then!
Quick question to the owners: can you change songs with the player locked in your pocket ?
Ouch, no gapless mp3. That's a no go for me :'(   I guess i'll have to check the cowon m2 :/
Anyone in Europe purchased it? Last time i get a Sony player in EU there was this "maximum volume" issue because Sony is following the EU Regulations. Maybe this time they added a way to change the region settings? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
No one here around purchased it? I'm still with my Sansa Fuse but it's starting to be in really bad state. I wouldn't mind switching to something else soon...
Sony MDR-1R Silver at 87£ on
 I agree with you but I think that in the case of "Ferrari", they don't need that much of advertisement.If it was a "Starbucks" or "Doctor Oetker" version,  that would be different :D
Onkyo ES-HF300 for 99€ at not the biggest deal ever but few pennies can be spared...
AKG K551 white @ 89€ on   The black version is at 98€.
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