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Just in case anyone is wondering about the reference, here it is: [Facebook link]
Yeah I'd recommend getting them from there.I ordered from them and depending on your location they'll send via FedEx for free. Thanks to that I got mine in 4 days.
Fun = a more "U" or "V" shaped response, as opposed to "flat".And if I remember right (from a post some pages back), I think the DN-2000s are coming out (late) February.
 For myself at least, it's comfortable enough that they almost seem to disappear when I wear them. I say "almost" because the housings are a little bit big relative to my ears. For comparison, the most comfortable IEMs I have had were HF5s with their tri-flange tips and the GR07 with its articulating nozzle. 
 I've settled on the reinforced silicon tips + red rings. This combo seems to work best for me.  And on the topic of fit/seal, for my ears at least, I get a better seal wearing these over-the-ear than cable-down.
When I got these, I did some A/B-ing between the various rings and I couldn't detect a change in sound. Well... technically there was a change but I attributed it to a poor fit (bad seal = worse bass).
 It's probably in the recording. My DN1000s show a hint of sibilance if I listen to a track which I know is sibilant.
These showed up at my doorstep today. Shipped out on Monday and was expected to arrive on Thursday according to FedEx; so imagine my surprise when it showed up a day early!    I bought these as a replacement for my very much loved (near two-year-old) GR07s.   As for initial impressions, I'm not going to say much apart from saying that the bass on these are superb, and that it sounds slightly clearer compared to the GR07. If I find the time, I might write a review in...
I also want someone to compare the Classic with their mk.I/mk.II; wish I could be the one to bite and get a Classic to compare with my mk.I, but I don't need another IEM.     
 "Bad Wings" - The Glitch Mob
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