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So a $1 earphone could be better than a $1000 one?
What are the best custom and universal IEM, if the price doesn't matter?
EDIT: $237 here: http://www.gimmedigi.com/catalog/audio-technica-ath-ck10-inner-earphone-p-2331-cur-aud.html?utm_source=myshopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Headphones&utm_term=Audio+Technica+ATH-CK10+Inner+Earphone 
How are the IE40s the same as the TF10s?
Why can't I bump after one hour?    
Can you review http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/IE40.htmlasdfasdf     and the Shure SE535s? and the Shure SE535s?   And for the Westone 3 reviews, it says 9./10 for the sound.
The cheapest I can find the Audio-Technica ATH-CK10 is $275 on ebay, I can't find it on adorama.com, like you said
@Sari0n: What sound signature are the CK10s?  @lukaleo: It says it's $250 on this thread:http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-158-iems-compared-westone-4-radius-twf21-added-03-27 but it's not on that site. The cheapest I can find it is $275 on ebay
What wear styles are there? What's the difference between them, and which is the best?
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