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What other info should I add? I heard Cowon is good, is the X7 the best cowon mp3 player?
Can't wait for the Shure SE535 reviews :D
Price doesn't matter, don't want an ipod Is the Cowon X7 the best of the Cowon range?
My MP3/4 player can play FLAC What's 'lame' and rip? I don't wanna buy any CDs, so are there any sites where I can download lossless files for free?(Or do I have to use Torrents, etc.-I don't know if I'm allowed to discuss them here or not)   Sorry, but I'm new to audio stuff.
So can I play lossless formats on iTunes/mp3 player/iPod? Where do I get lossless files from, if I can't convert them?
Sorry, what's lossless?
Wait,is this an April Fool's day joke?
Mind=blown, $8000? These IEMs are officially the most expensive. Even more expensive than the most expensive headphones, the Sennheiser HE90, at $7500
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