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Do you recommend the 601s? The 602s probably aren't within my budget.    
Wait, is it hm-601 or hm-602 ?
Okay, I'll probably get the J3. Although if I had more money, I'd probably get the hm-602 or 801, as I can just view videos etc. on my phone.
SO if I'm careful, I should get a HDD player?
Are HDD players better?
Yeah, I want a Cowon, is the X7 the best of the Cowon range? Feel free to give me other suggestions.
What's an iMod?
How do I encode mp3 to flac?
Touch screen Don't care about screen size What's codec support? Both Don't care  
All these walls of texts are confusing So converting an mp3 file to flac won't work?
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