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Thanks for all the info guys! Gettin a K601 next time I see one on headfi FS thread or ebay.
Thanks Guys! I was thinking of Gettng a K601 and recabling it though. I am not a fan that it is natively 6.25mm. I'd rather have 3.5mm jack and then step up when needed. Any suggestions? Should I look any specific place for cable? I know how to rewire headphones, as I have fixed dozens of harmon kardon speakers in the past and I am very fluent with a soldering Iron. Should I buy a heaver gauge cable? I am planning to amp them up one day :D.
I have had my K271 MK II's for about 6 months and I have been overall pleased with them. however, I really wanted an open back over the ear headphone, and at the time of purchase, I could not find a K240 series for the same price. I was thinking the K601's would be a good upgrade. I enjoy the AKG sound profile because I dont listen to one or 3 types of genre's. I listen to basically everything (well, minus a lot of the new popular tunes) so The AKG's suit me well. Yeah...
So I'm interested in getting a pair or 2 of headphones. I am comming from a pair of sennheiser px100's. they worn down to the bone and hurt to wear now. I am looking for a mobile and a stay at home pair of headphones. I am really interested in AKG's and bayerdynamics, so I am really biased in this nature. I liked my px100's but they hurt like hell after a while and I dont want the same thing. I dont really like any of sennheiser's headphones cept their HD800 but that's...
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