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This is freaking awesome!!! I live in Orlando and look forward to stop by sometime this week!!! See you soon!!!
As a new head-fier, I will like to argue that the majority of us are more aligned with the philosophy of Dr. Timothy "The Tool Man" Taylor.MORE POWER!!! MORE POWER!!! MORE POWER!!! UURGHH!!! UURGHH!!! UURGHH!!! UURGHH!!!😝
At least I'm not the only sneaky one!!!
LOL!!! I just thought to give it a try! Looking forward to see this on March. Sorry for being sneaky!!!! ;-p
Thanks feiao. Not sure ill be able to make it. Looking forward to the updates about CES. If you have any leftovers, in which I doubt, could someone purchase it by contacting you after the show?
Any possibility of CES pre sale online for head-fiers???
Add me to the waiting list too!!! If I don't get in, I guess I'll have to wait.
First, I want to thank all the post and reviews from everyone. They have helped me to get back on track to one of my favorite hobbies, listening and enjoying music. I am a newbie to Head-Fi forums and at first somewhat confusing, can be very informative and fun. I finally ordered my MS1i today and I look forward to listening to them. I am upgrading from Senn hd280 pros and Grado SR 60. I can't wait to hear them.
I am a newbie to head-fi forums and I would be interested. I am a musical instrument maker and I am looking for upgrades from my old IEMs. I just updated my dap, amp and listen to classical, rock, jazz, alternative and other different genres. I like to listen specially live recordings of all my instruments.    This is what I have at the moment: Macbook 13.3" Santa Rosa iPod 160GB 7th gen JDS Labs cMoy 2.03 Headroom Total BitHead Senn HD280Pro Grado...
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