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Hi Pete, since this amp use both the nutube for gain and opa551 for output buffer like the sankanagu, do they share any similarity in sound signature?
 Lol, which "very high-end tube amp" did the designer use to make this statement?
Thanks Sodacose, That explains a lot. And some other things i don't understand: 1. The Edcor WSM is 0.5W, does that mean it can only transfer 0.5W of power e.g given secondary tap drving 32ohm load then the transformer can only  pass as much as sqrt(0.5/32) = 125ma, is that right? 2. What do you think about quiescent operating point affect the sound quality beside power dissipation and power output? i.e increase/decrease plate voltage, anode voltage, bias current.
Hi Sodacose,That's really nice design and your blog is very helpful for me as well as others who are starting to learn about tube. I have read throughly your Papa Russia headphone amplifier design and i'm confused at this:Assume that you use the 75 ohm secondary tap for 32ohm headphone, that mean we have to devide the voltage gain for sqrt(10000/75) = 11.54, then 1V in result in 52/11.54 = 4.5V out, current avaiable at low ohm tap is 15ma*11.54 =  173ma. 4.5V at 32ohm =...
Thanks all for your suggestion, i'm thinking about making a mouting for driver by using acrylic, a local shop do cnc acrylic real cheap. But have you guy ever heard the magnum with just the driver alone? I tried listening to it this way and it sound somewhat better, more air, cleaner but still congested and mid bassy, detail level is okay, nothing stand out, i expect much more from this driver.
 Anyone have an idea?
I have a Sr325is and i like it a lot so i decided to make my own a magnum hoping that it will be an improvement over the sr325is so i bought v6 driver and a custom wood cup for 40-44mm without knowing it will fit or not. So finally i received the cup, it was made both from aluminum and wood, the driver chamber is made from aluminum but it mouting hole is only fit for 40mm driver so it's no use. The cup opening is about 44mm, loosely fit magnum driver so i have to use hot...
Does your Pico Power has scratching noise when adjusting the volume?
The 8820 soundstage is wider but the 8920 ss is deeper, the 8820 sounds a bit more clear and balance, 8920 sounds darker, and smoother, more analog like. I prefer the 8920 to the 8820.Btw, i'm from Vn to :)))
Does anyone know the diameter of V6 driver?
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