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  This is how my EVO sound, i even prefer it to the DT990 pre 600ohm and He-400
 I mainly listen to the 681 EVO because the red 681 was broken, i clearly prefer the red 681 to the 681 EVO (both modded) the EVO sound more refined, has more 3d soundstage, a little bit more detail but it sound more close in, the red 681 sound more open, has smoother mid, better bass slam, it sound more fun and enjoyable. I haven't heard the Fa-003/HM5 but i think both the 681 will easily better them in soundstage. The DT990 has extremely large sound stage but the red...
 I'm a big fan of superlux headphones, I love the red 681 the most then the 681 EVO. I always want to find a headphone with similar sound signature to the 681 then i buy the DT990 pre 600 ohm and He-400 and now both are collecting dust, i only use the 681 EVO to listen to music everyday. (Please note that my EVO is fully modded and those two headphones a definitely technical better then the EVO but the EVO ismuch more enjoyable to me)
In the E12DIY thread, Clieos suggest that when rolling the NJM5532 and LM49600, the E12DIY sounds very similar to O2.
I dont' have the hifiman velour pad but i have a pair of akg 240 velour pads, can i use it instead?
Those aren't questions but my statements that this MayFlower Cmoy has no relation to the O2, don't rely on a successful product to sell your amp.About your listening, it's your experience only, maybe the MayFlower Cmoy use NJM4556 so it's have tonal quite similar to the O2 but that's the end, the O2 must have superior technical ability compare to the MayFlower.
 Why do you guys always associate this amps with O2? It doesn't have true ground, doesn't have 2 stage with the volume in between to reduce noise, it doesn't use NJM2068 in gain stage, it's too far different from an O2 except using the NJM4556, any Cmoy have the same dimension as this Mayflower cmoy and can use the NJM4556 just fine and it's dirt cheap. So why O2 user who need a smaller amp must consider this amp but not other cmoy? Because of the 0.6$ NJM4556?
A Cmoy is far different from an O2 and it can never approach the performance of an O2 period. The description of Mayflower is trying to fool you that this cmoy sounds the same as an O2 and inexperienced users can be mistaken that headphone amps using the same opamp have the same performance but even two cmoy from different brand sound different, how a 1 stage cmoy can sound the same and approach the perfomance of a well designed, two stage O2? I bet that Mayflower doesn't...
Believe me, the red 681 sounds better than EVO.
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