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I'm drawing a PCB with 12au7 version but i'm wondering that does pin 9 of tube need to connect to ground?
 You're right. I dont' have TLE2426 so i made a simple divider by 2 resistor and the distortion's gone but now i got about 90mv dc offset, it sound very good but i'm not sure if it's better than the regular 2 or 3 channel . Thanks for your very informative topic :D
This thread is so interesting that i have tried to build one according to your schematic and successful at the first time. I use 2 JRC4556, no virtual ground, the input ground is fed from true ground because i have no tle2426 and it was powered by 2x9v batteries. It sounds quite okay but high frequency and bass distorted like the batteries are going down past 7v, do you experience this? And i dont have input buffer, this amp is fed from a 2v line out.
It only discontinue in china, that's the story.
 Yes, that's true. O2 sound better with less gain.
 I think there will be a very big different between opa2134 and stock NJM2068. Opa2134 has thick, warm, smooth sound, and not very detail, NJM2068 is totally opposite: extremely clean, clear, big sound stage, extremely detail, even swap between ne5532( 2nd stock recommend for O2) and NJM2068 i can hear the different quite clearly.
 M50 has big bass hump, i recently got a new EVO and it surprisingly sound better and more balance than the first one i have, though still far from neutral.
I think why the superlux 681 is really special is because of its sound signature that you will hardly find in other headphones. Closed headphones tend to have more bass and sub-bass, they sound more fun but have the disadvantage of closed design: soundstage is close in, less airy and sound less real than open headphones. Open headphones although have more air, sound more spacious, more real but often too polite and lack the fun factor. The superlux 681 has the best of both...
I was wondering if i could use 12au7?  The plate voltage is limited to 30V only but there are good souding amp like project sunrise only run at 13.5V plate
 That's just your opinion, i see many more people prefer the 681 to 681B, in my country, the superlux 681 is 40$, 681B is 28$ but the 681B is not selling very well, people like the 681 better and some of my friend even order from amazon to get the 681as backup when it was discontinue in my country. Having heard both, i think the different is small, the 681B have tighter, more control bass, a little clearer but the 681 go more deep in sub bass, fuller body, sound smoother...
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