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Well I just used a sine generator, and it seems like my left iem has no high drivers! Any frequencies above 16000 I can't even hear, even maxed, and I can hear up to 19000. The right side works fine up to 19000 on.
Spyro, I think when they got your impressions they scanned them and looked at the different curves in the two. I'm not sure how they think its not perfect, but they should know after working with them for so long. They do test for frequency range, and look at the charts.   Right now I don't know what to think. I honestly want to get my money back right now. But instead I'll just wait and see what JHA does with my new impressions and comments on sq. I can't believe I...
Never mind the last post I made, I just plugged it in to my ipod touch and it sounded awful, not even close to sm3s.  So, is this normal? Should I give it some time or send it in to get checked? I don't want to lose them now after waiting to get them. I thought burn in only applies to headphones, but hopefully this isn't the case and they haven't opened up yet. It feels like 150$ worth at most, certainly not 1150$.  I'll just leave them to play for a few days and...
My Jh 16's just arrived today, I don't know what to say. They sound kind of dead. Dull would be a good way to describe it, I'm sure the fit isn't the problem here, it feels like the treble drivers are dead. I like a V type equalization, bass and treble. But the treble is very dull and flat, I tried various sources including, an RME Fireface 800, RME Babyface, my ipod classic, and even my V drums audio out. My ath M50s, I'm sorry to say, sound better to me. They sound...
It all depends on you budget. There is a UE 10 being sold now, on the forum for about 400$ remold it and you'll have a 1000$ iem for half the price.  Of course you could go directly through the guys who make em. Jh audio's top of the line JH16 Pro is well known here. But it might be too bassy for your tastes, if that is the case theres always the jh13 pro. Its considered to be analytical, but it may suit you. UE has some similar offerings.    And, if the jh 16's...
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Sorry about that if you were looking for a low cost cable the null audio enyo or lune series is quite good for the price, also if your budget is higher then you could get a whiplash cable 
I was serious, don't you see the jh 13s 16s etc. being sold here? They lose half their value, at todays exchange rate it can be purchased at 73 usd and brand new(http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=1764758634).Since is 2nd hand price should be depreciated should be aleast 50 - 60% considering and postage cost is aleast 10usd for me is not that bad . You should learn more about your item before trying to sell it.   
I just bought a UE 18 Pro off a head-fier recently, and I'm ready to reshell,  how would you send them out? I don't want them to get lost, so I thought about insuring them, but the website says to put a low value for Chinese customs. What to do?
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