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I'm also awaiting your opinion on it with the Roxannes :)
It has literally only been used once; all protective films are still on the device and intact besides pierced at the headphone input and usb input on the side films to try the device. I can leave the music in the unit if desired. All other compartments in the box are untouched and factory sealed. Feel free to ask more questions, this should go very quick!
These have barely been used, as I got the customs shortly after. It's about time these go! Pics to come. Feel free to ask questions
Unopened AK120II purchased in April with receipt for warranty. Selling because I splurged for another player I will cover the shipping and insurance Nice chance for a brand new device, ungrimed by dirty hands Cheers!
Yes? Lol
I have recently acquired this device but have decided it's a bit too much for me and I downgraded to a slightly lower DAP. The unit was used 3 times for home listening and a comparative review, all adhesives are untouched, case untouched, micro usb cable used once, etc.It's brand new! Please feel free to ask any questions you'd like. Yes I have the purchase receipt.
I will be comparing the ZX2 and Questyle QP1 in about a month or so, and will ultimately pick whichever sounds best to my ears.   I'll post my impressions here when the time comes 
I'm very intrigued by your experiences. I do agree the K3003's soundstage and present the highs better than the Roxanne customs, but I definitely hear more resolution and texturation over all coming from my Roxannes compared to the AKG, albeit the warmer character. I've owned the K3003 on two different occasions and do agree that the frequency response is great, and imo it's the most resolving universal from the big 3 companies (Shure/Senn/AKG). I'm curious to know what...
Oh wow, I got mine December 23rd in Montreal... 
You need to address me for what now? I think you shouldn't let other people's business bother you so much.  Grow up please 
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