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"Drop a deadly sound and style bomb on the outdated world of audio products"   . . .this is actually stated on the website. I'm impressed! a bomb for both sound AND style? Must have blown the "S" right off the headphones. . .
well, you gotta make sure the drivers will fit, but those look huge anyways. pretty sweet too! (maybe a new coat of paint? lol) pull em open and see how / where the drivers attach to as well. good luck!   PS: the wire could be bad too, check that before any major mods!
got a shot of the insides of your pc? i dig the white cooling!  
i bought a razor death adder for my girlfriend, and i liked the quality so much, i bought a naga for myself. i would defiantly recommend their line-up.
i agree with FortuneSound. if i had to GUESS (heavy emphasis!) i would say they are used to adjust gain. if you look directly on the PCB, there should be some raised pins in pairs of two, the jumpers should slide over them, adjusting the settings.   now, i could be completely wrong- i would check the instructions or with the manufacturer about them. be sure of what your doing before you do it, so you don't fry any components! good luck!
wow, the condition is good, especially for a buck! but how do they SOUND?
since its the only amp i own (to use with my SR80's) i use it exclusively. i went with a JDS build, because it was my first attempt, and his board / instructions were the most detailed. turned out pretty well, sounds great too.  
  I do get a discount, but Ive seen the same discounted prices from vendors on line. as for the market, its usually on line where you find the nicer headphones, but my store does particularly well in the high-end audio and video sections, due to our location. We have had people call and spend $15k over the PHONE, just because they want to decorate their new entertainment room with toys. You wont see the HD650 or the Q702 in every store (mine doesn't even have them) its...
Actually, i currently work in a best buy, and the magnolia guys still wear ties: ) also, we just started to carry the B&W headphones at our store, and sell the HD650 on line. . . for full $500 retail. ouch. but best buys' big strategy is to keep evolving, so lets hope with the current "Beats" phase, more people will head towards high end audio that actually sounds as good as it costs!
i would say that the comedians are still making music - if you talk to any 20-something, and say "I'm on a boat!", i would say its a 50/50 chance they would catch "the lonely island" reference. (link might not be SFW. . . ) they are a group formed from the actors on SNL, and get popular rappers and singers (like T-pain and Justin Timberlake) to sing with them. and they poke PLENTY of fun at pop culture to boot : ) Not to mention  Stephen lynch released a few albums,...
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