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Well I finally received my DP-X1 a few weeks back. Slowly I am getting equipped to listen to it. I have some SE535 burning in. I have had the craziest luck with it though. Even my old Sennheisers sound extremely good in single ended listening. The Shures are starting to sound better with a Linum cable and more burn in. I have to be careful. I spend any extra time and then some listening to different music. So I hope once burn in occurs the sound is all that I had hoped...
Surely someone has the same listening taste as I do?? The Jazz and classical music is where the details mostly are needed. 
Bump for help.
I am having trouble finding the right sound and a way to explain what I am looking for. I have the DP-X1 and have ordered Shure SE535 and I think they may work. My problem I need help with is finding something that can take the balanced output and sound good in the highs. I want to hear the cymbals crash and as they fade away. I don't want anything missing. I don't care as much about the lows but would like the lows there mids are fine also. What I need is something that...
Thanks masterpfa. I have someone working on cable for oppo PM-3 cable. I will look into Shure. Any idea if Hifiman, or Audio Technica, Sennheiser have a good set? I love the Sennheisers I have but that may be the DAP and its only single ended. I can not imagine the difference balanced. I just realized Linum is from Europe any idea in the USA who could do that type work for in ear?
Just a quick question about balanced in ear. What is needed and what brands would sound good under $400? Do I need a special set for the DP-X1? I like my Sennheiser CX 485 single ended. I am waiting on a balanced cable for OPPO PM-3 to be made. I would like a pair of reasonably priced in ears that are good sound quality. Is that possible? I am not sure about the TRSS and how to get the balanced output to sound good. I can wear headphones around the house but for listening...
Thank you Whitigir. I will be getting that PM3 and cable in place. I have plenty of headphones for myself but I have never used the balanced. I have been trudging along with an old iPod and changing headphones amp but its a desktop thinking it just did not sound great. So I am off to check into Ripping with something like Nero. Is Tidal a good service? I am getting older and have never even used Spotify. My wife children and even my mom use it. I am going to take the next...
Well I guess no one had a good answer. I decided on the Onkyo DP-X1.
Just a question if someone could help. I just ordered the DP-X1. But are the balanced headphones something special? What are some models to look at? I will go back through this but did not find this thread until after buying the DAP.
Any ideas on if one has better features or sounds better works easier?
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