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I sent Pm yesterday?
Ok I guess I missed that sorry scratch those then. No audeze no he-500.
Just curious for info to get a new set of cans. I have denon D5000 with Meier stepdance which Sounds perfect. I have a schiit LYR sounds very good more smooth heavier bass. I would like a set of cans that have the very best mids and highs for the money $200-$600 but not lack bass. I will be getting ALO RX mkiii CLAS combo also. I realize everything does not sound the same with all these choices. My problem is I would like it a little more portable to move from one...
I need help I will be using for now denon d5000 headphones. Later i am going to something else akg hifiman audeze sennheiser beyerdynamics this is unsure. I just need to know which cables to get the most from this setup. Do I need single ended balanced or what cable? Will I need a headphone eventually that is balanced to get the most out of it? I would like to buy only one set of cables because of cost. Sorry this has probably been hashed somewhere but I can't seem to find...
My first experience with them was very pleasant. I have not been able to get the pieces $$$ but all of my e-mails have been answered with quickness and politeness. I will say it seemed personal and helpful and theres a lot of good in that. I really think the spam blocker situation on all services has gotten rediculous. My own father can't send me e-mails from his business account because my service blocks them. He has changed IP's and servers so it seems legitamate to...
Ha HA HA I am in the same boat waiting on my LYR to ship I bought a meier Stepdance from a forum member. Outstanding is all I can say now my LYR has shipped so I am wondering if the desktop is going to be that much better. My Stepdance has turned my good headphones into outstanding headphones. Now I am thinking about getting another set of phones to get a little more luxurious sound from the LYR. It is better sound than I ever could have imagined.
My question is would the Algorythm Solo bring the quality up? I am listening through an ipad I thought would not sound good but it sounds very good to the stepdance then into my denons. The Solo seems to be the only way to get the digital out of an ipad. Any help or guidance would be great.
I actually found a meet about 5 hours away and hope that I can get there this weekend. I have to say my Denons are getting pretty sweet. I hooked them up straight to my ipod and I almost fell over they sounded so good with no amp. Could any one give me a clue what kind of portable amp will make the ipod Denon combo shine? What forum would be best to try and find the best HP's to go with LYR or should I just start with the DT880's? It may be easier to please my ears than...
My son and I will be coming from Midland. I was trying to bring my new LYR but sadly it looks like it will not be ready.
How do I find meets I am afraid there are not any within a few hundred miles of me. Probably 4 or 5 hours if I could locate a list for them.
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