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Perfect, thanks for everything!!
Anyway, I don't like the 0º angle of the jack, it may screw the mp3 player.
Is there any seller of Sw-Xcape v1.0? I found them out of stock.
But my doubt is, why every in-ear earphone that are better than my M3's don't have enough bass? is that isn't important? Thanks.
Hi mark2410. Can you explain a little bit more why you think the HiFiMan 262 are the one?   Thanks!
I would love an answer from this comunity, please some advice. Thanks.
    Any idea?
Hello there.   I have a pair of Brainwavz M3 since December of 2010 and I want to make an upgrade of them. I would pay US$140.00 (max), but I'm kind of confused when I search IEM's in the Multi-Review of Jocker. The music that I listen are basically progressive / metal / power / grunge / punk rock (Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rush, Deftones, Rise Against, Penny Wise, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, etc), trance (David Guetta, Chicane, Daft Punk), and a...
Sorry if this question was answered but I'll ask it anyway. I have a pair of Brainwavz M3 and I usually listen to some progressive/metal rock (Dream Theater, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Deftones), punk rock (Penny Wise, Rise Against), and some Trance (David Guetta, Chicane, etc).   I'm fine with this earphones, but I want to upgrade them. I want to know the difference of bass between the M3 and the B2. I know that the sound quality is better, but how will the sound...
Hola.   Muchas gracias por sus saludos. Realmente no sé si escribir en español o inglés pero igual haré la traducción para ambos .   Saludos!   -- Hi.   Thanks a lot for the greetings. I don't know if I need to write in spanish or english, but I'll translate it for both of them  .     Regards!
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