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For sale is my Stax sr-507. I've had them for about 6 months and have babied them the whole time. When not is use they were kept in a dehumidifier cabinet, keeping them safe from dust, kids, and humidity (duh). They are in excellent condition and have absolutely no channel imbalance. They also come in the original packaging. I like these headphones quite a bit, and am only selling them because I need to payoff my TH900. If I didn't have to do that, I undoubtedly keep...
I believe headintheclouds is indeed building those small cube KGSSHV with the intent to sell. I don't remember the exact price, but I know it wasn't cheap.You might also want to check the FS forums here and on the other site. If you can find an amp by spritzer you should seriously consider it, even if it's not a KGSSHV. I have one of his "experimental" amps, and I absolutely love it.
Headamp has the 323 in stock and for the same price as Stax USA
Lbs: 87.23 39.6 128.3
Totally agree with you, Frank! My O2.5 is sooo sweet and inviting, that I could almost care less that it's not 100% neutral. It does the wrong things right Even so, I find the 007 Mk2.5 sounds very, very natural, mutch more so than any other headphone I've ever heard
Besides an e-stat amp ( ) I would LOVE to see Schiit make some power amps (as in 100+ W)
For me, the shape of the earcups is fine, but it's the depth that occasionally bothers me, since sometimes the cloth covering the driver housing rubs against my ears. But, when putting them on, if you pull them out and then let them rest against your ears, the comfort is much better, I guess because it doesn't pull the top of your ear down while putting them on, so they rub less. It almost seems like you have to learn how to wear lambdas to make them comfortable.FWIW, like...
How about and e-stat amp I know it won't happen..,but oh, wouldn't it be the schiit!In other news, I just ordered a Lyr 2. Looking forward to pairing it with Yggy
Innerfidelity has some and it looks like they're about to get a lot more:
Very exciting! I can't wait to see how the vintage models measure.
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