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X3 for me! It may be silly, but such a short cable was a big downside for me. Thank you @Audeze for listening and responding
Wow, thanks for the links @money4me247! That suspension headband looks pretty slick. I may have to give it a shot
I'm in tampa, so id love to take part in a mini meet. I could bring my th900, lcd-x, z7, lyr2, vali, modi uber, and w4s dac2...or if it's a few months away my Yggy
I hear you on that one about wanting to sell my lcd-x due to the weight, and especially the hotspot. I haven't done it just because I'm hopeful that suspension headband will come out, improve the comfort, and be reasonably priced. If not, then I'm hoping the el-8 will be to the lcd-x what the th600 is to the th900, but it's sounding like that may not be the case well see though, a local store will carry audeze, so I'll be able to find out first hand.
@mikemercer SWEEEET! It's good to hear the bass is getting better. From the frequency response graphs, it looks excellent. I guess I was just getting down about some of the early comments made by others. But, those were the pre-production units, so I guess I got ahead of myself :) Thank you so much for posting all of these updates and taking the time to respond to everybody's questions. 
For me,the great lcd bass isn't about being overblown, a la beats. That is, IMHO, the lcd series are not basshead phones. The bass is just controlled, tight, full, and deep. That's what I like the audeze bass, and it's a bummer the el-8 might be missing this
Thanks for the intel @mikemercer! Im truly sorry to hear you're wife's not doing so well, and I know autoimmune disorders can be tough, to say the least. She's way more important, and these headphones will be out soon enough, so please don't feel any pressure to post.
I have to say, a love child between the LCD-X and LCD-2 is VERY appealing in my eyes.But, @mikemercer, when you say "on a smaller scale", how much smaller do you mean? One of the many things I like about the X is how big and full it can sound.
In one of the chapters in the Schiit Happened thread, Jason made what seems to me a good case for cannibalizing your own product. I think the gist of it is that if you don't do it, somebody else will.
What do you guys make of the 30hz squarewave response plot posted in that Audeze blog post?
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