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Thanks for all of that Byrnie! I've slowly been leaning away from these, and that sealed the deal. I love my th900, so I guess I don't really need another closed back anyway
Very much looking forward to your th900 comparison. When you do, could you maybe comment about how "fun" the z7 is compared to the TH900? It's the clarity, control, and fun factor that I love about the th900.
Like fortitude, it's the headband that bugs me. If they release a more comfortable suspension headband i'd buy it in a second. It would be nice of they were lighter too, though
I know I'm in the minority here, but I didn't really enjoy the Mjolnir with my lcd2.2. I just found it too aggressive, and on the cold/brighter side. Does the Rag have a similar sound signature (assuming I'm not crazy, and the only one who felt this way about Mojo ) I should also add that its been suggested to me that it's because my wyred4sound dac2 just isn't a good match with Mjolnir. Still, I'm curious to hear how the sound signature of the Rag compares to that of...
It's a Circlotron topology, which is (I understand), inherently balanced. So yes, its a true balanced design
That's true. I just think it should be clear that the statement is about a modded pair, if that is indeed the case ( I suspect it is, but I don't actually know, which is why I asked). I guess that would mean the stock Z7 is extremely terrible, but maybe I'll find out for myself if I buckle and order a pair, despite the criticisms. If it really does have that denon/fostex sound, I imagine I'll enjoy them
Isn't that pair from pirates' loaner program? If so, hasn't it been modded?
That's too bad about the headband, but hopefully "not at the moment" doesn't mean never
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