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I've stuffed memory foam in that spot where the earpads wrap inwards (hope that makes sense) and it worked pretty well.
I like Mogami IC excellent and with a lifetime warranty
Haha, I do have to do it everyday and it does drive me crazy! But its something Ive just had to get used to doing
I'm sure my dehumdifier box is WAY over the top, but I don't want to take any chances after coming across those 007s. It also serves several other purposes, like blocking sunlight, keeping dust and bugs out, and it's got a lock so my 2 toddlers can't get in. Besides holding my 007 and 507, my amp also fits in there, which is a bonus (it's tube so I can't leave it out around my kids either ). Besides, it was "only" $200, which is less than most aftermarket cables, so maybe...
I've been paranoid about my stax ever since I bought a second hand 007 that was imbalanced (lucky I got to return it). So, this is probably overkill, but I got a dehumidifier cabinet to protect them: It seems over the top, but I live in super humid Tampa where having ants crawl out if your light sockets and getting into your stuff is just a fact of life, so I figure it's worth the investment. Kind of looks cool too though
I believe they were referring to the headphones, not the amps, so you should be ok
Ditto. I'd also be interested, especially if it is affordable as you say. Also, competition is just part of having a business, IMO
2 very basic and unrelated questions: 1) in stock configuration, does the bar/spring on the 007 face the front or back? I got mine second hand, and while I don't think the previous owner made any adjustments, I just want to check. 2) Do you find the 009 to be brighter, less bright, or just as bright as the 507? Ive heard a few different opinions, but not enough to get an idea of what the consensus is. I've also never been fortunate enough to hear the 009, so this would...
Maybe good for them if it's a few more months, as some of the hifiman hype may have died down by then, Oppo wouldnt have to share the spotlight.I'm glad the price hasn't been set. Last I heard it was supposed to be 1200, but maybe they'll bring the price down to be more competitive with the 560.It's been a big year for orthos, so it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out
Any chance you got to try it with a 007?
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