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well, he can improve on the Flow with Version 1.1 or 1.1b. Maybe the Flow 1.3a has better soundstage depth and Flow 1.5.1 Beta Build 3 adds a nice left-right extension. 
nice, did you buy the XLR cable for the T1v2 or mod the existing SE one yourself? 
yeah, the V280 is slightly warmer up top than the V281 from what I could hear with the HD800.   I really loved the transparent cover of the V280 they showed at the HE 2016 but it was purely for letting you see the insides. I wish it was offered with that design as it had HDVD800 vibes just more menacing and powerful. 
I seriously know a guy that is going to buy the V280 because he prefers the form factor to the V281's
If money is no concern then make that Ether Flow balanced and get the V281 or V280. Definitely get balanced cables for all your headphones. 
I recommend the Valhalla 2 out of personal experience. That's where the SKELETON of the HD800 finally starts to walk around like it should and support the meat. That's where the HD800 shows why it's a special kind of headphone that stood the test of time. Afterwards it gets ugly with prices.   Not advising against the Vali 2, never heard it properly. 
you can connect a normal headset like the PC360 or G4mE One or whatever to it and enjoy DEDICATED STEREO and also speak over your mic. 
yes, the peak was intentional. However they realized that it became a problem for quite a few. Beyerdynamic however still keeps giving us the needles and knives. They are successful with it though and headphones like the DT880 600 are really good for their price.    I hope the DT1990 does not have the "Ambassador of Pain" peak like the T90. 
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