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  One thing the Mjolnir 2 really does well is slam and kick, however the rest did not stand out positively in comparison. For instance the soundstages is really lacking depth, being elliptic. Treble is less refined and the overall impression lesser in detail. Imaging and soundstage are truly grand with the V281 (HD800 modded, balanced), being bigger than the picture if that makes sense. I really love that.  If you're only at SE right now then you'll be in for a treat once...
btw,   plugging headphones into the PSVR autodefaults to speaker room HRTF when you play "normal" games. No need to put the glasses on. 
Did you know that on the first page of this thread there is a review of this headphone by someone very experienced about this matter? quoting Mighty Lord Entity 
Yes. Does anyone know if the 599 offers sound improvements?
very hard to get a loaner for these unfortunately (for me)
I don't know why it wouldn't work as the V281 powers through voltage swing hungry beasts like the HD800, T1 with ease and also through current demons like the HE-6. Everything driven with authority and focus.    The Utopia is less "imperfect" than the HD800 and that thing is driven very well, though I'd never use a stock HD800 anymore. Why should it not work? 
X7 works with PS4 Chat when combined with the BT-W2. 
K7XX over them any day. 
Interesting, MLE. I'll be getting a new TV early 2018 anyway (most likely). Still rocking that 60" Sony 6 something (the only 6 model that is the same as the top model of the 8 series just without 3D)
Do X800D only go to 55"? At least here in Germany. 
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