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 It works, I just tested a few games over the optical out and SBX works flawlessly. Just enable it via the Android APP (I assume it has been updated as well). 
X7 finally gets SBX over optical and line out Noted in the new update of the iOS app
Gonna check later It's true. Finally
The 600/650 analogy is still wrong. 
MINT condition, blemished box, listened to it for a few hours only (approx. 3).    -smoke/pet free household -no sweat, hygienic and carefully treated of course   -pick up would be in Munich, Germany. I can ship worldwide though I prefer the EU region. If you're at my place you can of course listen to it. 
No good gear in the world resolves the peak by itself. yes, you could warmen up everything with cetain tubes or EQ etc..however it's questionable if that's what "good or capable" gear is about.  good gear let's the HD800 show its full potential but the peak will remain, it only can't get worse.   The 6khz peak is inevitable if you don't mod it where it happens - at the headphone itself, which is well documented. Sure you could EQ the peak but you can't solve the whole...
  oh btw, do you guys use Virtual Surround Tech like SBX, Dolby Headphone? 
The thing with the original HD800 (to me) is that the 6khz peak can create excitement in movies and games. As for music I'm over the 6khz peak sounding harsh and/or piercing. I can make out details easier with the HD800S as the 6Khz peak doesn't mask or stick out so prominently anymore creating a more natural timbre and leaving details more open, giving subtle details a better contrast.    I can understand people owning both if they can afford such a luxury but after...
audio bliss with consoles is just so much harder to attain, it's annoying having to expect manufacturers to support DHP/DTS HPX/SBX and Co. over optical. And in all these years they don't get it at all. 
yeah, if I had both 800 and 800S I'd use the former for gaming and movies and the latter for music. 
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