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Well written. 
Hey Mad,   are you getting a HE-560 to review?
Eeeewwwww, forget about the ThunderFX.
I want a Recon 3D with SBX. I just asked them via mail and facebook. EVERYBODY DO THE SAME.
I would buy an Uncharted Remaster, no hesitation.   I agree on the TLOU. Even though I bought it for my sister (my time shall come with the Remaster) I watched her play over my home theatre and once with the Mixamp (putting on the headphones while she played a few minutes) and I agree with ben and conqueror.    As usual Sony games are also always carefully and well recorded.   I recently wrote a mail to the good Dr. of Sucker Punch asking about binaural audio on the...
 How about reading the rest of the page?
people should be happy about both jerg's findings and Hifiman's listening and consideration to take another look onto these phones before the big production. You want to spend 900 bucks and don't have better bass extension? You think both don't know what they are doing? Upper Hifiman measure pretty good in general, they generally know what they are doing.   I wish companies like Ultrasone would sometimes listen to input from the community. We might have less ringing and...
 Someone in this thread bought the TH-600 + Mixamp (+some portable amp) and was hugely amazed by it. I can only speak for the TH-900 and it's still my favorite can. Relatively easy to drive, great, cohorent soundstage, very very deep hard hittingbass with low decay, very low distortion so despite its pronounced bass not fatigueing at all (like X1 or Signature DJ from my own experience) and very detailed.  So if the TH-600 is even half as good it would be a very good...
 It sounds kinda negative but it quite isn't and you're spot on. V220 is a clear upgrade from the V200 and the V281 is basically two V220s. It'll outdo the V181 significantly. 
Good thing this thread sometimes drifts towards those ultralight headphones. I want to buy a pair for work during those idle minutes and my first thought was the Koss Porta Pro. That Ultrasone isn't availabe directly from Amazon unfortunately but I don't need the mic. I could have gotten a CAL but I prefer open so I can hear people around me.  
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