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Custom Teslas coming as well. Rumored T1880 but that's a T80 style rumor for me right now. 
the "problem" with the T6120a2 or the X7 in general is that it doesn't offer enough voltage swing for the HD 800. It's less a signature problem because that's a matter of taste. The Valhalla 2 with stock (I replaced the 6N6P with 1980s) is neutral as well but drives the HD 800 noticably better.      So it's not ideal but it's still good for games and movies or let's say the HD 800 doesn't become a K701 due to the X7. It's still superior, just not getting driven good...
Yeah, why not? I'd be curious about the K553 Pro as well.   One closed affordable headphone I really liked was the DT770 Limited AE 32 Ohms, until this day the best DT770 I had and heard. 
Anyway, are we ever going to get SBX headphone mode via LINE OUT?   All X-Fi cards were able to. Hook up the Titanium HD to an external amp via LO, use CMSS-3D headphone and enjoy its beautiful HRTF function. 
Does anyone know when Schiit Europe will have the MBG in stock?
I have a pop sound playing GTA when pumping out machine gun mags on cars or anything else. Every long fire where the same sound is repeatedly played (well, pretty normal for a machine gun, eh) It's a rather loud and annoying pop. 
Ok, so I assume the  Cross-platform connectivity   on the G5 page means optical in. I don't see any other way other than this thing to dissapoint and be USB only.
Does anyone have the same problem as me by having the DirectMode Setting (headphones) not always work and often require a reboot to make it function again? That's really annoying.
 +1 for the TH-900 I actually use it on the PS4/X1 with SBX, where soundstage is one of the most important factors. That very low sub bass rumble makes for the best immersion to date. 
HD 800
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