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Yep, Arthur rocks.
HDVD800's output impedance is 43 Ohms. 
Typical K7XX soundstage with diffuse phantom center, aka oval soundstage with bad imaging/staging in the center and emphasized more towards the sides.  However for the price they are great and with respect to the price ranges they should be high on the recommendation list. Above factors sound terrible but only in comparison with the other mentioned HPs.  The HD 800 is over 1000 bucks more.  [[SPOILER]]
Well, Mr.Fried macht keine Gefangenen. 
Well, if you dissect DHP in a simple way you have bass boost, hall/echo effect for a grander illusion of space (in correlation with the speaker room feeling), speaker room presence with a fixed profile that is less "anechoic" than SBX or CMSS-3D and KEF-like broad projection of sound.    Bass boost adds to the grand/large experience. Recently I watched The Raid 2 in 2 different cinemas and the former presentation had more bass while the rest was on the same level for...
The SBX slider towards 100% actually does stronger blending and gives a more enveloping soundfield. The default at 67% is the best start to get the feel of SBX. From there you can go up and adjust your preferences (aka losing accuracy for more engulfment). Don't see the benefit of going below that value.    Imo SBX also appeals to ex-CMSS-3D users better, not only due to better SQ but also because of the clarity and accuracy of cues they are used to, You win in all those...
 Turtle Beach gave a somewhat stupid excuse for not delivering a 1536 kbps DTS Interactive -> DTS Headphone X chain, instead the TAC will "only" receive the usual 640kbs Dolby Digital Live 5.1 signal. For 300$.  I haven't recorded anything in a long time and and I am outsourced away from home for a while so I can't really help you at the moment...
 I agree. It has the best compromise of sound quality and positioning. That's why it's also the best choice the higher you go in the headphone "ladder". Now it's time for DTS HPX to show its muscles. Haven't seen a sound card yet though and the TAC only does AC3 to DTS HPX.  SBX-cards with X-Fi style legacy support could have been glorious though.  At least give us a ******* MacroFX/Elevation switch in the panel, Creative. 
I used FRAPS and grabbed the audio directly from the Windows Mixer. That way only youtube can mess (most) with the sound. I understand your approach though as shadowplay doesn't cost anything.    Crystallizer and that Bass Boost are very useless. Crystallizer also messes with spatial cues a bit. 
 "Just" better shadows.
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