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 Why not go straight for the Master 7? Sure it's a couple of dollars more but if you keep the DAC for many years the difference is negligible. 
Since when did the HD 700 become a benchmark for other phones in a positive way? That thing is horrible and I still wonder what Sennheiser was actually thinking when they are capable of something like the HD 800 (a true benchmark). 
Nice impressions, guys. Mine haven't even been sent yet. Waiting to compare with the TH-900. On the positive side:   gelocks resistance is crumbling.  
Get a Soundblaster Z -> optical out -> Schiit Modi -> Schiit Magni/Vali    This is a hefty killer setup.   Disable anything in SBX Pro Studio except the surround feature. Play with it from 67%-100% depending on your taste. 67% is more distinct, sharp in imaging, pinpointing, towards 100% it'll get more cinematic as the cues blend more in like in a home cinema. Honestly, I always play at 67% with the HD 800.
yeah, that's the guy from    Unfortunately I'm already used to reading his stuff so this isn't surprising 
Wait for the price drop. I'm not buying it for the 399€ either.    I can tell you from my experience with the ZxR that you'll also have plenty of fun with a headphone like HD 800. Can't say that about a lot "gaming" devices - driving the HD 800 to a good level. The Opamp of the ZxR and the X7 is an euphonic one. Punchy, plenty of impact, it's not reference grade but we're talking about a high level here where the Mixamp is already worlds behind..   The ZxR is less...
X7 will cost 399€ here in Europe, the Mixamp is 129€, almost half the price. Yet from the pure specs and expected performance (I have the SB ZxR which features practically the same ingredients as the X7) the Astro Mixamp is heavily overpriced. 
Those of you who like to carry their TH-900 around for travels etc.. Which hardcase do you use that fits them securely and doesn't put physical stress onto them? 
well, the Q was a crown I couldn't even wear as long as Jesus could
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