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no, they are awesome right from the start. 
nice, make sure to post your impressions in the V280 thread. 
Latency is still too huge of an issue. 
They never mentioned/announced it or talked to us about it.    It was different with the SBX LO/Optical Out thing for the X7. Some of us got PMs from Creative to describe the features we wanted. That was actually a good thing from them to do and imo good relations with the hardcore community will be more important in the future. 
It's the analog part that makes all the difference (DAC/AMP), as should be expected. Both share the same SBX. So if anyone has a better DAC/AMP than the X7 then going out via optical from a SBZ is the better choice (unless you have consoles, then keeping the X7 could be wise).    If people want to improve on the X7 while keeping it then an amp is the easier choice as it's the weakest part. A Vali 2 is probably already better. 
 I don't get your question. Did you mean to write "only 5.1 SBX"? If yes, then no, it's still the best SBX solution. G5's SBX is inferior right now. INFERIOR.
Well, I know they are liked a lot around here but I actually didn't like the iDSD micro at all. Too harsh in the treble, a lot of glare, not particularly good in resolving. Anedio D2, Schiit Gungnir Gen 2 and V850 are simply much better. Still just use it as an interim solution until you can and WANTto  afford something better. Don't buy because somebody says so. Listen to it first. Get a loaner maybe? Ask in a HiFi shop?
well, good enough as an interim solution.
write to the support and they'll immediately check. If you're lucky you'll see the process being accelerated, if not then it's a stock issue. 
 Good to have you back. Now let's talk about Dolby Digital Support for the BlasterX G5 so we can finally have proper SBX from 5.1 sources over optical. And please fix the G5's SBX, It's still too reverby/too much reflections and thus cues are harder to separate because of too much masking/blending. Just give it the same treatment like the Sound Blaster Z, X7 and improve the positioning of the rear and side virtual speakers in 7.1. 
New Posts  All Forums: