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They gathered feedback from a few of us, did not make any promises
Lol, that's some weird Klabautermann Music.
Your onboard solution has better sound quality than the Mixamp + it has an amp built in. Onboard audio really improved over the years.  Asus/Realtek use their own HRTF solution which you can customize over Sonic Soundstage and Sonic Studio. What I've tested so far it's better than Razer but has a very strange way of getting set up. In the windows panel you merely get a 2.0 option with headphones, no 5.1 as we are all used. Yet apparently the driver changes the windows...
 Evshrug wanted BALANCED XLR. 
Updates should be allowed over the Mobile App or plugging in a correctly setup usb stick like the PS4 allows. I'll always have a PC but still something like that would be overall convenient. 
 This is funny. Yesterday I installed a new motherboard and CPU into my system and for fun I tested out the heavily touted audiophile integrated audio solution that "plagues" every modern performance to high end board in order to see how far onboard audio has come by now and I experienced something similar as in everything being less loud than I know soundcards can be capable of since I had quite a few over the last years. I only tried it with headphones though (and a...
Nomax,    did you try those white mice goodies they offered? When I visited the Violectric booth with a friend we raided the whole stock. It was a glorious day. 
you've just reminded me of my huge blunder not having charged my camera. Next time photos will be massive.
 Yes, that beauty came with a transparent top to show the new dual mono setup, improved analog stage etc... and I am looking forward to listening/comparing it with my DAC. Ideally both on the V281. Exciting times ahead. 
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