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make sure to have the latest drivers and use the windows speaker panel to make sure that you don't have the SBX bug where the soundstage collapses and everything sounds like in a bathroom. easy to notice when the FR and LR sound right next to your ear instead of well...frontal. Basically FR and LR sound similar to RS and LS and left Back and RB and LB sound dispositioned. If you have this it's basically all about reseting to defaults and then back to 67-100 SBX (it's...
I think it takes a bit of work/time and adapting to but I ain't got no time for that. I'm fine with sticks too. 
G5's relevance will rise much higher if it gets DD 5.1 and/or DTS support. At least they fixed the bathroom SBX now. 
I'm updating the links on the impressions for the front page so people can jump easily to the postings. If anyone feels missed out on her/his impressions just PM me with the link to the post. 
*updated with photos* availability should start soon after the High End Fair.   Will anyone of you be there during May 5th-8th?
 Do you really need closed? The 7100 is battered by the D7000 which you can't get for humane prices as of now, same with the D5000. Get the Massdrop Purple Heart pseudo-closed if you can manage to. Forget about the AH-D7100. 
558 are below 100 Dollars in Germany right now and for that price they are really damn good. 
You picked a good scene
Yes, Creative X7
Right now G5 only works in Stereo (+SBX) via USB/optical. No proper Virtual Surround for now. As for communication it's fairly easy. Use headphone out and mic in on the G5, plug the G5 into the USB. Done. Both Audio and Mic go over USB
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