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The FX700 is definitely better than the TF10, but the cost is higher as well.   If you have the cash and isolation is not an important factor, then I'd highly recommend them. Awesome treble and spacy, airy soundstage. Like a concert in your head.   The TF10s are wide, but the sound can seem like its coming a bit from behind rather than normally left and right. I find the height lacking as well.   Personally, I'd try to find the FX700s used because of the cost...
I would NOT recommend the FX700s if you need good isolation. They were not satisfying to use in the car/on the bus to say the least.
Interesting. What BA IEM is best suited to captivating it's audience through its conveyance of emotion, then?    
How adept are these at conveying emotion? When listening, do you feel connected and involved in the music, or are you simply "observing?"
I agree with you. Comfort and isolation aside, I can't stand using Comply's.  
+1 on the B2s.
Deeper. More isolation, feels more secure, greater bass response.
Anyone notice changes to the sound when switching to the Sony Hybrid tips?
For all those who find the TF10s unbalanced, are you normally fans of dynamics or have you tried and like BA phones before, triple driver or otherwise? I'm just curious.
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