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Interesting. What BA IEM is best suited to captivating it's audience through its conveyance of emotion, then?    
How adept are these at conveying emotion? When listening, do you feel connected and involved in the music, or are you simply "observing?"
I agree with you. Comfort and isolation aside, I can't stand using Comply's.  
+1 on the B2s.
Deeper. More isolation, feels more secure, greater bass response.
Anyone notice changes to the sound when switching to the Sony Hybrid tips?
For all those who find the TF10s unbalanced, are you normally fans of dynamics or have you tried and like BA phones before, triple driver or otherwise? I'm just curious.
  They do isolate well - if you manage to get a good seal.    
The UE700 was not satisfying in the bass department for bass reliant tracks like dubstep in my experience. Although the TF10 does have more bass, I still find it lacking in comparison to the FX700s.
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