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The Monster Turbine series are closed dynamics? What are some other closed dynamic IEMs like the EPH-100?   Would anyone be able to provide comparisons of the EPH-100s to the Monster Turbine Pros, in particular the Coppers?   Thanks.
I have a question...are musicality and accuracy independent from one another? That is, can I only have one or the other?   I think very specifically what I am looking for in an IEM is its ability to convey the emotion of the track. It's nice to nit-pick all the little nuances and details of a song, but I'd much rather have all those elements present but contributing to an overall picture. My enjoyment of a song should not be derived only from the fact that I hear...
Hmm...How about the Audio Technica ES55s? They have the look and their bigger brother ES7s get favorable reviews...   Anyone heard them?   Thanks.
  This is interesting. So while being musical, the EPH is also soothing/relaxing as well?   Would you say that the GR07's would be technically better, yet less impressive in terms of musicality?   Thanks.    
^ Thanks for the above. It made me consider getting the M80s which have gotten pretty positive reviews so far.   Anyone have any experience with these? I'm pretty much set to buy...
  I've considered this one, but I've heard that it has high clamping force that can get uncomfortable, a relatively high impedance that I don't know if it would be easily driven by an iPod, and a small soundstage. Any other suggestions, or are the aforementioned issues inaccurate?   Thanks.    
Hello. I'm looking for some portable on/over ear headphones for commuting and such. If they are on ear, I'd like them to be compact and not to large. I hope to match the following criteria:    - Comfortable for extended periods of time   - Closed/has good isolation for use on buses etc.   - Wide/large/spacious soundstage (as large as I can get on a closed phone, if possible)   - Compact minimalistic appearance. I'm not looking for something overly...
Does anyone own these and the Yamaha EPH-100s and would be willing to compare them?   Also, how well do these isolate? As well as BA IEMs? (e.g. how much outside noise do they block out without music on?)   Thanks.
I'm interested in these. Does anyone have the Vsonic Gr07s that they can compare them to?   And I've heard these isolate well, but how well? As well as a BA IEM?   Thanks.
Aside from the refurbished ones from Monster for 50 bucks?  
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