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Agreed. These are very forward sounding phones.  
What DID you tell them then? That the casing split and you glued it back together, and THEN the drivers failed, or just that the drivers failed?   If you included the bit about your gluing them together, then I can see why they wouldn't honor the warranty through some construed excuse of "user error."   That said, if that is the case then that really sucks.   Have you tried communicating with them any more to get the issue resolved?
Selling a pair of Infinity Primus P152s and a P350 center channel. I purchased these last fall of 2011 and they have received daily use since then. They look like new with no scuffs or scrapes on them.   I would be willing to divy the package up if you'd like, and I'll upload pictures later.   PM me if interested.
Happened to me all the time with the B2s and more recently with the Triple Fi 10s. The TF10 problem was solved with using sony hybrid tips instead of the stock ones. You'd think manufacturers would have a notch in the stem and smaller diameter stems to help remedy this problem.
So what kind of damage is covered under the warranty? It just seems odd to me that they would replace my pair and not yours...
I'd pay around $50 for them. I heard bloated, overwhelming bass and sibilant treble in my experience. Granted, this is off of memory and I haven't used them in a while.   Comfy, small, low profile and good isolation though. The cable on my pair failed after a few months of use though.
This is interesting, as I recently managed to send my B2s back to mp4nation under warranty. The left driver(s?) began to die. Not from normal use, but from me using them while running (sweat I'm sure. And I didn't tell them this bit, only that the driver was dying...). They had me send it back to them so they could determine if the problem was valid. They promptly sent me a new pair after they saw that my claim was indeed accurate.   I may still have those e-mails,...
That and they made me literally feel sick while using them.
  I received the same message. Shame.    
Yeah I'm still looking. I wanted to try the SM3s but I heard the filter mod makes the highs sibilant. I'm also worried about the V1s housing being aggravating, and I don't know if I want to blow the money on the V2s...   As far as customs go, sure I'd like to try them, but they are a big investment and I'm not sure if I can warrant their price by just playing them out of the headphone jack of an iPod. Reselling is also an issue if I end up disliking the end product....
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