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I'm becoming more and more intrigued by this Fiio cable...   Is anyone else planning to buy them and test them out?   Oh, and I'm not sure if this was answered before, but does it bring the mids forward?   Thanks.
I'm interested to how you'll find them considering how much you praise the GR07s.  
Edit: Removed.
Interesting. The 7010s look a lot like the Meelec CC51s.
I've only heard the FXT-90s. As someone who values an airy soundstage and quality bass, they did not sit well with me.   The soundstage was simple to narrow for me. It definitely had the in your head feel to it. Height/depth was good though.   Plus, I found they have way to much mid-bass for my tastes, which made mid-bass reliant artists like deadmau5 far too overpowering and fatiguing for me.   However, they are very forward and engaging, making music quite...
Hello. I am looking for a pair of good sounding IEMs that are designed for running and jogging. That is, they stay secure in the ears despite the bouncing and all that. They can be over the ear or a worn down design, so long as they stay in.   Some LACK of isolation would be appreciated as well so that oncoming cars can be heard, but not so much as I am more distracted by the noises of my surroundings than I am listening to the music.   Microphonics should be...
Agreed. These are very forward sounding phones.  
What DID you tell them then? That the casing split and you glued it back together, and THEN the drivers failed, or just that the drivers failed?   If you included the bit about your gluing them together, then I can see why they wouldn't honor the warranty through some construed excuse of "user error."   That said, if that is the case then that really sucks.   Have you tried communicating with them any more to get the issue resolved?
Selling a pair of Infinity Primus P152s and a P350 center channel. I purchased these last fall of 2011 and they have received daily use since then. They look like new with no scuffs or scrapes on them.   I would be willing to divy the package up if you'd like, and I'll upload pictures later.   PM me if interested.
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