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This has probably been answered by now, but is the general consensus that the Gr07s are superior to the EPH-100s? By superior I mean in terms of over all sound quality.   If there overall quality is close enough that preference is entirely subjective, which phone would be better suited for someone looking for the most accuracy and detail, while still having a good amount of bass?   I'm seriously considering the Gr07s, but am a bit concerned that they may be...
JVC HA-FX700 > Westone 4 > Brainwavz B2 > JVC HA-FXT-90 > Ultimate Ears Triple fi 10 > Klipsch Image S4  
Is that all? Surely there're others..
What are some other dynamic micro driver IEMs like this? Besides the Meelec CC51? Thanks.
  ...Except in the case where this is completely inaccurate when you actually take the time to consider the entire product offerings by these two brands and don't simply write them off because you generalize them as "fashion accessories." The aforementioned Mix Master Mike by Skullcandy is an excellent example, as are the Aviators and the Pros by Beats. In hearing the latter two examples, I can say they sound good and have a "real sound signature" in their own right.    
Yes, sure. I understand the standard reasons people will give as to why Beats or what have you are popular. That wasn't my point. The sad thing is that your statements included more thought than the so called review did. I view head-fi as the sort of place where I can go to find as close to objective analyses of headphones as possible, where the pros and cons are discussed equally, so that I may make decisions with the help of such reviews. Again, this review provides...
I have no problem with someone criticizing a company or their products based on said company's practices or the performance of their products. That's fine. But read the review. What does this add? Do we not have 20 million threads continually bashing beats or skullcandy? If I were a prospective headphone buyer, how would such a review help my decision? "It sucks don't buy it" doesn't contribute anything. Reviews are to be assessments or analyses of the performance of...
I'm sorry, but is the beats and skullcandy bashing going to continue forever? Why even bother calling this a 'review' at all?
In terms of bass, is it comparable in terms of quality/quantity to other full size IEM dynamic drivers? How about sub-bass? Can you 'feel' it at lower frequencies? Is this IEM very musical or analytical? I have read things about the 'odd' treble before. Could someone elaborate on this?   Thanks.
I'm considering selling the drivers of my Triple fi 10s. The cable on these do not work anymore, so I suppose this applies mainly for people looking for a reshell. PM me if interested.   Thanks.
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