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so how low in quantity is the bass the hd 598's exactly? how does it compare to something like the Skullcandy Aviators (which I thought was sufficient in bass quantity) or the Citiscape Uptowns if anyone has heard either of them? Or maybe even the ultrasone 580s?   i'm a bit new to the over ear game so i don't have many reference points, but any help at all would be appreciated.
As a general question in cases when someone wants to buy something and asks you for your advice or opinion on it - be it a pair of headphones or speakers or whatever - how far can you advocate your recommendation (that differs from theirs in this case) before you become overbearing or imposing? 
  I'm completely with you on this one. The only reason I can think as to why these constantly keep popping up is because people feel better about themselves for putting down stuff that a good number of people like. But surely people aren't that petty, right?
  Doesn't Bose do the same thing?
Pair of used Infinity Primus P152 Bookshelf Speakers. Selling as I simply do not use them enough to warrant keeping them. They are sonically identical to the newer P153 bookshelf speakers, the only difference being that the front of the P152s are grey in color whereas the P153s are black.   They will come with the front grilles even though they are...
Brand new in box 32gb black 5th generation iPod Touch. It has never been opened and includes, as it should, all accessories. I received this as a gift and have no need for it.   Buyer pays for shipping Will upload a pic soon. Thanks!!
Selling my Cowon J3 32GB. The unit is entirely functional; it still has great battery life and audio playback. There are scuffs and scrapes on the corner of the unit, but no significant marks on the screen area that detracts from normal viewing.   I am trying to get rid of this quite quickly as I am in need of funds, and am thus very open to offers but no trades, please. Buyer pays shipping, and I'll be uploading a picture soon.    This will come with the Cowon...
no problem. If you want, I can sell you my pair. I have oddly shaped ears and ear canals, so unfortunately I can never get these things to be comfortable. I would keep them if I could get them to stay in my ears, but this is a problem that I have with a lot of IEMs haha. I just got them on the 21st so they're in immaculate condition.    Hit me up if you're interested. If not, good luck in your search haha
I think you might be referring to joker's review? He means flat in terms of soundstage I'm pretty sure. The soundstage is not at all distracting to me.    I'm not saying the mids and highs are bad by any means either. They are quite clear, but they're nothing special, particularly in comparison to some more detail focused IEMs.   As far as something comparable in terms of bass but having more clarity? I wouldn't be able to say, at least in this price range. You...
Okay so the only other IEM that I have on hand to compare the vPulse's to is the Philips SHE3580. Not sure if you've heard them. I used to have a lot higher end IEMs but I've sold them. Anyway...   To be honest I never really liked the Klipsch S4's. They sounded far too boomy and sibilant to my ears. I had to turn down the volume of anything that I was listening to in order to even have them at an enjoyable level. This was some while ago, back when I was using an...
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