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These are apparently going to cost around 400 bones.
Where can you get reshells of the DBAs done? Can you add drivers as well?
I've recently ordered a pair and they're on their way now. How's the treble on these? Less than that of something like the DBA-02?
How negatively is the isolation impacted since they're vented?
Mind giving impressions once you receive them? It seems like we have similar tastes. And a bit of comparisons too, if you wouldn't mind.
How much do the A1s typically go for and who sells them?
Great posts mvw2. You've been making me re-think what I'm looking for in an IEM. I think I'll try to go for a neutral IEM rather than one with a V shaped signature. Is it safe to associate neutral with natural, or no?   I suppose I'd like an earphone that recreates the sound naturally then, with nothing truly over powering the other and without sounding too sterile.   I've been reading nothing but good things about the Westone 4s, and have been thinking of...
I'm looking for an IEM identical to the OP's tastes as well.   If I'm correct, the DBA-02s are near identical to the Brainwavz B2, which I own.   As far as bass on the B2's goes, they are on the light side and leaving me wanting for more bass weight most tracks. So if I were you, I wouldn't go that route.
Thanks for the suggestions.   I did really like the V shaped signature of the TF10, so I think I'd like that again.   What it most important to me is for the IEM to have sparkly, clear treble like the B2/DBA-02/CK10s. Large soundstage and good separation and instrument placement are also important, along with the bass of course.   I'm a bit wary in going for a neutral IEM as I'm not sure if the treble will satisfy me.   As far as budget goes, I don't...
I currently own the Brainwavz B2, and have previously owned the TF10s in the past. I loved the V shaped signature and wide soundstage of the TF10s, but fit was always an issue.   I absolutely love the treble and clarity of the Brainwavz B2, though I find the bass to be lacking. Everything else, including soundstage, sits pretty well with me at the moment.   I've heard that the ATH-CK10s are quite similar to the B2s, so I suppose this question applies to them as...
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