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Thanks for the suggestions.   I did really like the V shaped signature of the TF10, so I think I'd like that again.   What it most important to me is for the IEM to have sparkly, clear treble like the B2/DBA-02/CK10s. Large soundstage and good separation and instrument placement are also important, along with the bass of course.   I'm a bit wary in going for a neutral IEM as I'm not sure if the treble will satisfy me.   As far as budget goes, I don't...
I currently own the Brainwavz B2, and have previously owned the TF10s in the past. I loved the V shaped signature and wide soundstage of the TF10s, but fit was always an issue.   I absolutely love the treble and clarity of the Brainwavz B2, though I find the bass to be lacking. Everything else, including soundstage, sits pretty well with me at the moment.   I've heard that the ATH-CK10s are quite similar to the B2s, so I suppose this question applies to them as...
I have a pair of Triple Fi's w/ a new Westone cable and near all accessories I'd be willing to sell.  
Indeed, are these still available??  
These still available?  
pm sent  
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