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Purchased these used back in May of 2013 and they've been used nearly everyday since then. The headphones sound great and have no cosmetic damage to the units themselves. The cable has some damage; some of the rubber has been skinned off, exposing the white wire lining underneath. The damage is about a centimeter in length, exposes none of the actual wire underneath the white cloth-ish lining, and causes no change in sound from what I can tell. I can adjust the price if...
Selling my 7 month old Citiscape Uptowns in Black/Brown. They have a few minor scuffs and a dent on the ear housing, but nothing that alters sound quality.   Asking $45 shipped.   Pictures to come.
Selling these HAFX40B headphones. Received them the afternoon of 2/7/2013. Comes with all accessories. Not even been used an hour; the earphones simply do not fit my ears right.
  Probably because they don't stock headphones just because they're expensive. If I was a retailer, I would pick brands that have been shown to be able to sell, especially in high quantities to the common consumer.
  What? Seriously? Since when are there boundaries as to what defines "normal" music? This type of mindset doesn't make you in any way better than the people that you're bashing - it merely places you it a different category.
l have not heard the ATH-M50s. I do, however, own the Uptowns. I can vouch for their comfort; I can wear these for hours on end with no significant discomfort. They seal pretty much everything from the outside, and do so quite well even without music playing. They apparently using something they call a "Music Seal," which is designed to seal all music inside and not leak anything out. I haven't received any complaints so far or people noticing when I'm listening to...
Yeah it was the price that had a good deal of influence as to my decision to get these, to be honest. I wonder why these are already going down so much in price. Weren't they released fairly recently?
placed an order for these today so they should be coming sometime next week. it was a tough decision between these and the ue 6000s, but I'm hoping that these don't disappoint, particularly in the comfort factor.
So I actually read through most of this thread to try and decide whether or not to get these. After doing so, I'm left a bit confused.   Are these worth it or even above their $200 price point?   AND   Are there similarly priced, or even cheaper, options that are equal or better in overall audio quality that are as comfortable?
I'm guessing they have a removable cable? Try swapping in a friend's cable to see if that's the problem.
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