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It is the USB version of the Modi.
Well the new Modi Uber has come out, and wouldn't you know it just happens to fill that niche that I wished the original Modi did. This USB Modi is like new, purchased on November 6th 2014, so it is in excellent condition and sounds great. It will come with the unit only. Price includes shipping, unless I'm shipping internationally in which case we can negotiate shipping.
Hello. Bought these off ebay a few days ago. I just received these in the mail today, but unfortunately the housings are too big for my ears. The headphones function perfectly, are in mint condition, and sound great! Will come with the earphones and buds ONLY, meaning no box or other accessories.    PM me with any questions!   Also open to trades. Price includes shipping.
Looking to buy a used pair of Alessandro MS1s. Pads are not necessary but would be appreciated. Willing to negotiate etc etc. Make me an offer!
Looking to sell my few months old pair of re-400s. The left housing has some pretty significant scrapes, and the right housing has glue on it near and around the strain relief. The housings have very small scratches on the chrome-ish bits from regular use. I'm the first owner. The headphones function perfectly, are covered by OEM warranty, and will come with the original box and all accessories. No trades please. Looking for 65. Sorry for the poor quality pics.. Also...
Hello. Looking for a gift for my sister, and figure she would appreciate an upgrade to her IEMs. The criteria I'm looking to abide by is as follows:   I'm willing to spend around ~$100.   They will be worn mainly cable down, and should be primarily designed to be worn as such (she won't want to mess with looping a cable each time she listens)   They should be easy to insert and comfortable for 2+ hours. So nothing with a big housing or common comfort issues   She...
Hello. Looking to sell my recently purchased refurbished AIAIAI TMA-1s. I've literally only started using them today, but need to get rid of them to help compensate for another recent purchase. They are sonically perfect and will come in the same box they came in with everything that was included in it. The cable hasn't even been taken out of the packaging.    Why don't I just return them? Honestly, I'm trying to avoid the shipping back to the manufacturer as well as the...
Purchased these used back in May of 2013 and they've been used nearly everyday since then. The headphones sound great and have no cosmetic damage to the units themselves. The cable has some damage; some of the rubber has been skinned off, exposing the white wire lining underneath. The damage is about a centimeter in length, exposes none of the actual wire underneath the white cloth-ish lining, and causes no change in sound from what I can tell. I can adjust the price if...
Selling my 7 month old Citiscape Uptowns in Black/Brown. They have a few minor scuffs and a dent on the ear housing, but nothing that alters sound quality.   Asking $45 shipped.   Pictures to come.
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