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PS Audio Power Base (Black)   I'm selling both of my PS Audio Power Bases (Black)  You get 2 for the price of 1.  That's one hell of a deal.  They do a great job at cleaning up the power.    Buyer pays pay pal fees and shipping fees.   No Trades.
I'm selling my Stax 007 MK2 SN = SZ3 - 2127 (2016 production).  They're in MINT condition, They're practically brand new.     I took delivery of these in February 2016 and only put a few hours on them.  They're not even fully broken in yet.     They look great and they much better than my last pair (SN = SZ3 - 1988).    I will pay pay pal fees, I'll pay the shipping for US buyers.    No Trades..
SOLD   This is a MINT Condition unit by AudioGons Standards.  It was bought in Feb. 2016 from Hi-Fi Heaven and it has less than 50 hours on it total.          Buyer pays pay pal fees and I will pay shipping fees. 
For Sale: ***** HeadAmp BHSE Package *****
I'm selling Spanking Brand new Black HeadAmp: Blue Hawaii Special Edition (with Alps RK50 pot and stock tubes)  SN 176   I took delivery of this amp in February 2016 and have put less than 50 hours on it.  It's not fully broken in yet.   Reason for selling:  Moving onto other hobbies, and not using headphones anymore.   Buyer pays all fees including pay pal and shipping.   SOLD
I'm currently looking into this amp and the new HD800s.  Has anyone compared this amp (same headphones) with the Balancing ACT?
    I use a very cheap solution:
  Very good report.  I agree with you on the HE-6. Interested to hear your impressions on Mr. Speakers Electrostatic headphones if you got a chance to hear them.  Like, where do they sit when compared to the stax line up.
Good news for some if you're looking forward to Roon.
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