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The link being dead is not what's interesting.  It's what it says.  I've heard a while back that the amp was not that good.  What are the impressions of the amp after the re-engineering?
Schematic re-engineering is based on Dr. Gilmore's design.Interesting.  
Yup My feelings exactly. 
  Check the Avatar lol...
I sold everything.  Now getting all new stuff.  
 Why would it be a door way to doom, if that's the headphone one settles on?   In my case, it was a very fun journey, learned a lot so gained lots of experience and the door way was actually a door way to sonic bliss.   But yeah, you're right..  If you are a multi headphone person it's not the way to go.  If you are a one headphone person - it's a great way to go.
 Sorry to say, but the Master 11 is a compromise.  The Master 7 has 8 DAC chips, the Master 11 only has 4.  He stacks the DAC chips for a reason.  I owned the Master 7 on two different occasions  and I would take the Master 7 over the Master 11 any day.  The Master 11 is not a Master 7.. Audio-gd does not fit under the world class umbrella, they fit more under the value umbrella - just like Schiit audio.   There's way more stuff out there to consider them world class.  
 Yes, the HD800 is a real bargain at it's price point.  However, it doesn't seem fair to say the HD800 + a $1K source + $1K for an amp is a world class system?  Surely that system won't be considered world class. Then you give the 009s a DAC that cost $2.3K - why?  Sure the amp will cost you more.  However, for a would class system both the HD800 and the 009 will require an amp that cost more than $1K for sure.  So the cost is really between the "cans" 
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