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If you change your mind - hit me up
 How many you doing in that batch?
Ummm - interesting..  Clem - have your heard the Code-X?
It can and will be both.  You will pay a lot for marginal gains. 
Now the thread shoul be changed to      "Is the Hifiman HE-6 clearly a league above the Hifiman HE-560?"
Nope.  I think the oxidizing still occurs if it has a sleeve on it.
 Ha ha ha  
  It stays as well 
I'm serious thinking about getting the NFB-7 and keeping the Master 7.  These DACs are really the best bang for your buck around.  I like the high part count and the special attention he pays to the power supply section.     One really down not need to spend a fortune on a DAC for good SQ.     Besides it will be good to have a Saber DAC in the house to see what all this BS is about harsh treble.  I really don't think Kingwa would put out anything with a major flaw....
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