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 Well the Emo is brighter than both the GS-X mk2 and my F1J, and the GS-X mk2 is warmer than the F1J - so it all depends on your point of reference.  It can also be a little edgy - I agree.  My speaker amp is a really low powered / low gain one.  It's won out over every headphone amp I've owned.  I can't wait to try the 560s on it.  It seems to bring the best out of every headphone I've tried it with thus far..  Very DAC dependent thou.
Hey guys,   I'm Darryl, I guess you can call me an old head.  I'll be the big 45 in December.     I'm from DC.  Uptown NW area near Walter Reed Hospital.  I've been working for the EPA for the past 14 years in downtown DC.  I took a position still with the EPA in Cincinnati about 4 years ago.  Now trying to move back to DC.     I'm an avid HE-6 owner.  Now trying to get into the Stax gear.  It's been a long hard road.  Guys and Gals be very carful with who you deal...
I agree with a lot of what drez and lojay said.  However, I also disagree with some as well.  We all have different rigs / systems so that may play apart in the difference we hear.   I find the HE-6 to no less resolving than the HD800 or the SR 009s, they are more thick or has more body which in turn would make them seem less resolving I guess.     Because of the soundstage on the HD800 being as big as it is, some music may seem unreal like Jazz trios and some Jazz...
 That chain looks awesome.  I'm sure it sounds awesome as well..
 Go to your local head fi meet.  It will most likely be one there to demo - That's if you live in the US.. I don't think Brad Pitt can make the build time go any faster.  Who is he again? 
What about the DC show in July?   Also, maybe it would be better to demo a lower level DAC at the shows other than the level 7 which is out off reach for most (I speak for myself here).     Just an idea..   --Darryl--
 1 table would be fine...  Thanks..
 Metrum Octave mk2 
Hi guys,   I'm also awaiting my BHSE.  If Justin comes there will be no need for me to bring it (if I have it by then).     I'll try to bring the F1J and the AMR DP-777, however, I'll need some table space, I can't stack them as the F1J gets way to hot.   My C.A.P.S consist of a two box system with keyboard, mouse and a 27in. TV as the monitor - will this be an issue?   I have a pair of SR 007 mk1 that I haven't heard yet.  If my BHSE is not ready - I would love to...
I see no one has asked this yet so I will.  Why not the HD800 if soundstage is a top priority?
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