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The comfort never bothered me.  Just feels just headphones.  The mids on the TH900's did bother me - more than the overwhelming bass on the LCD-3s.  I'm going to give the LCD-3F a shot.  
 I'm shooting for the Ragg / LCD-3F combo.  So I'll be waiting on your impressions..  Good luck..
 Where can I download it from?
Yup pick for yourself.  I know I did.
 Give me the under 
I'll take the over..
WOW  good post JT
Are there any images of the back?  Wondering if it can be powered by an aftermarket 12v PSU and are the inputs SE or balanced or both?  It's running at 12v and how many amps?
That's a good idea forger.  However, i'm going to wait and see what the upgrade has to offer before I do anything else..  
 Nope - not going to agree.  
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