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 My HD800 rig is still a work in progress as I await my amp.  It will ultimately resemble yours (a little). 
 Yeah - I'll stick with Trevor - I've had nothing but very good dealings with him.  And he's pretty fast as well.  Also, he will make the cable hardwire ready for you if you ask.  I think he calls it tinned or something like that..
How long does it take to get those Toxic cables?  I would like to go Pure Silver as well.
  I asked Trevor to make mine with the Reign 24 cable to match the cable on my headphones.  I thought about getting a cable that goes straight from the headphones (hardwired) to the bananas or spades.  But that would really limit you from using your headphones on any other non speaker amp.  
  those are the stock Denon pads.  They are as of now replaced.  FocusPads or the Vegan pads..
 If the Master 9 is "Just for the HE-6"  Go straight to the Master 10..  If you want it for a variety of headphones - then yes the Master 9 is a good choice..
  AJ - you already have a very capable DAC - all you need is the HE-6 (fully modded) and a good speak amp - of your choice..  Be prepared to compare the HE6-X to the 009s ..  What a battle.  I know from first hand experience the 009s will win in treble clarity (Maybe) it's amazing what that headphone can do with the top end of the spectrum.   - but nothing else..
Sorry all, my doctor shall remain un-named.  This is his request.  So I will honor his wishes.  However, these mods are a level up from the stock HE-6 - no question. I'm coming from a JKenny Ciunas converter.  The problem is - I also introduced the some Cabledyne Silver Reference interconnects as well.  So I have no idea what is producing the new level of clarity.  In time I will A/B the JKenny and the Alpha.  But right now.  I have bigger fish to fry. The Code-X side by...
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