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So how does these compare to the TH600?
New to this thread.  I didn't do any searches and I'm sure this question has been asked many times before.  How does these compare to the Alpha Dogs.  It's going to be one or the other.     However, I think I'm over modded headphones.  So if the 600 sounds better or just as good as the Alpha Dogs - I'm all in.  I don't want the TH900 either - the bass is just overwhelming to me and the mids are recessed.     So let me have the scoop on the TH600.  Thanks..
 I would say no to the bold.  I don't think no cable is worth that much.   Only from memory.   This is my third pair of HD800s - I've had a few types of Norse cables on them - could not really tell the difference between the Norse cables but this cable just sounds different from what I can remember.  The HD800s just sound more mature now - less raw. Again only from memory no side by side.
That is a lot of money I know.  However, you know how it is when you want something - you go get it at all cost (well almost at all cost).  I looked around trying to find someone who would do it - no takers.  My guy that hardwired all my other headphones would not touch it.  So when I found out about SAA I was like "game on"  Then the price gave me pause.   I thought about it for about 3 weeks.  It eat at me so much I just gave in and got it done.  James tried to get me to...
He will sneak you some snake oil sure nuff.. 
 I got mine done at SAA.  Be careful, yes he is an ex Senn. engineer but he will also try to sell you a lot of snake oil.  I knew I just wanted my headphones hardwired and nothing else.  He also does an Ultra- Mod.  Greed got both done to his HD800s.  Depending on what cable you want - It will take away any hardness or harshness in the highs.  The mids are more enjoyable. To my ears it makes the HD800 sound more...
 The best connectors are no connectors..
 That was the best move I made - and getting them hardwired.
How about by Johann Sebastian?
 Not anymore.... Looks like he prefers the new Bryston DAC.. 
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