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Yup,  Like some of Nelson Pass stuff.  He makes some push-pull and some SE.  The SE sounds just as good or better than some of his push-pull stuff.     Now when an amp is inherently balanced it doesn't matter if the signal from the DAC is SE or truly balanced, the amp will provide a balanced signal no matter what - correct?
 Now that's a big MoFo
The Master 10s boxed weight is 40kg.  It's heavy as hell so I can just imagine how heavy that Krell is.  
You got a PM
Yeah like that, but my wires go around the bottom of the driver on both sides.
That's the same thing I was thinking.   You already got the amp, so with that amp I would say the 560..
Ok Good,  that clears things up a bit for me..  Thanks.
 Brian, so there's no more switching from Classic DAC to Organic DAC when redbook and Hi Res Files are played - are all formats using the same DAC chips now?
 Great job on the review Paddy.  I agree with about 95 to 99% of what you said.  Like negura I like the LCD-3F off my speaker amp (Pass Labs), I also took the foam out, not hard at all and easy to put back - no one would ever know :)   Oh yeah,  I like the LCD-3F for Jazz over the HD800.  The soundstage of the HD800 really gets too big for some Jazz Trios, or Jazz female Vocals.     Be sure to let me know how you like it. 
Not overkill at all.  I hope these are two channel amps only / no multi channel amps - right?  Either one should work pretty good, that you would have to see for your self.   Heck the Master 10 is 250watts into 8 ohms.  That worked very well with the HE-6 and NO box.
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