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 +1 This has been my experience as well..
Well, not any amp designer.  Again using Nelson Pass as an example.  All his amps are considered high fidelity yet all sound different because of induced distortion, different "FETs" output stages and other things. Yes - i'm serious..
Yes and I love it ha ha ha...
According to who?
 I guess I'll be the odd ball in this conversation.   I'll use the Nelson Pass First Watt line of amps.  All different, some may change the timbre, some may add other types of harmonic distortion - purposely not dramatically but still purposely.  Yet and still none of his offerings would be considered poor.  Just a different way of looking at things.
Is the sbooster on the same lines as the iFi iPurifier?
I have a need for another rig in another location that it should do well in.  
Subbed.   I wonder why Kingwa is still using the L / R, 3-pin XLR output?  IMO the amp would look much better with just the 4-pin and SE outputs
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