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The MOON 430HA is the better amp - no question.  I've heard one a few weeks back.  It's not an amp that will wow you - it just does its' thing.  Not a really detailed amp, a pretty even tonality.  But yes, I'll take the 430HA over the Mini-X any day of the week.     Now once you step up to the big dogs.  The 430HA falls short of other amps like the MOON 600i and any Pass Labs or First Watt amps I've heard.  The 430 sort of reminds me of the Master 10, but the Master 10...
  I guess we disagree here.  The Mini-X transformer it self is larger than those topping / class D amps.  I will never take a class D amp over a class A/B amp.   While some people may like those topping amps better.  I've found the Mini-X smash it in all areas.  The Mini-X has it's flaws, yes.  However, it has way more head room than any of those topping amps and is able to keep way more reserves than any of them - It will never run outta gas.  The bass is thunderous...
Underwhelming compared to what for $200?
A brand new Black HeadAmp GS-X mk2 w/ DACT in MINT "Brand New" condition for sale. Includes the original box, umbilical box and manual.   I'm asking $2500.  You pay the pay pal fees.  I'll pay the shipping.   No Trades.
The GS-X mk2 will be running the best it can either way..     If you stack them and get a hum - easy, don't stack them.  If you stack them and get no hum - well, stack them if you want to. - Simple.
A la BHSE..
Why would someone recommend a $10K amp? 
Speak for your self period.  I stack if I want to.  and I do period.     The manual says "Stacking the amplifier on top of the power supply is not recommended"  and goes on the say "Never stack the pose supply on top of the amplifier"    Recommendation noted:  However, this works for me.  
  I don't see why not.  A payment is a payment. It all goes to his pay pal account anyway, so what's the difference?  
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