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No such thing as to much power.  To much gain maybe, and that's the case with a lot of amps out here - they have way to much gain.  I use my HD800s on my speaker amp so I know the Ether will do just fine.     But you're right, it's more than likely not needed at all.  However, I feel my amp is just a better amp than most all - if not all headphone amps out.  That sure is the case with all the headphone amps I've heard thus far.
  Was the HE-6 modded with the grill and fuzzor mods?  I can asure you those amps are not ideal for the HE-6 if your comparing the amps to other really good speaker amps.  The Rag just can't compete (relatively speaking). I'm in line for the Ether as well.  I've gotten use to the comfort issues of the HE-6 so it's no biggie to me anymore.  When you talk about effortlessness, the HE-6 does this in spades on a real good (speaker amp).   The Ether will go on the same speaker...
Nope, I roll solo.  So the DAC that sounds good / the best in my system to my ears is the one I want to keep.    Other news..   For those of you who have not heard the Bricasti M1 DAC, yes it's a D-S DAC that's configured in a dual mono design.   I suggest you some how take a listen to it.  I only heard it for about an hour, but it's resolution is top notch with loads of dynamics.  I didn't notice any of the so called D-S hash...   I wish I can have the Yggy, M1, and...
 There's noting more that I would like to do is return a 10K DAC back for a refund if it takes a "beating".  I really pulling for the Yggdrasil.  However, because it's being overly hyped the expectation bias  in favor of the Yggdrasil..
 Stay tuned.  My Yggdrasil will be here on Monday.  I placed an order for the TotalDAC D1-Dual.  One will stay, one will go.  I'm very doubtful the Yggdrasil will hang with the TotalDAC, I guess because I don't believe in all this magic.  The reason I waited to order the TotalDAC is because I wanted to give the Yggdrasil it's proper stabilizing time.  I will also give the TotalDAC a few days, so the Yggdrasil will have at least a two week lead.   
Nice write up and some really good information about the Khartago. 
That post doesn't show HiFiMan saying it.  It only show another person like you or me saying - which means nothing..
 Just checking to see if you've heard the 009 / BHSE combo and compared it to any other 009 / amp combo?
 Or a Nelson Pass amp 
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