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Oh yeah -  The Master 3 is a beast.  The Master 10 is a Master 3 with volume control and more inputs.  
That Donald is a very smart man...  
Does the Sonett have balanced inputs or only SE inputs?  I'm wondering if the Sonett is a balanced amp or not.  If not the balanced output will  should sound the same as the SE output.  I'm just guessing here.
Do you recommend stacking or that's a no no?
1 down 1 to go..  I want to order mine as a set.  
  No need for the box on the Emotiva XPA.  What are you using for a pre / volume control?   You will still need the box for the PL's..
Well, I do know the Prima Luna mono blocks will sound much better than any Emotiva.  You have to use the box opposed to no box with the Emo.  What Emotiva are we talking about anyway?
There was a server outage or some server maintenance this morning.
OK so what do you guys think:  Some things he is spot on and some things he is way off.  This review is all over the place.  Keeps saying the HE-6 need lots of voltage.  I think he meant current but I can't tell.
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