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Will these be the production HE1000?
Hope so.  To me a modded HE-6 still beat the pants off a modded 560.  I owned both for a while, I ended up selling the 560.  Didn't have the body the HE-6 had.  However, I like the direction the 560 was headed.   Comfort wise, the 560 beat the pants off the HE-6..
Never heard the closed LCD..  I like the 3000anv, TH900 and the Denon 7K..   However, I like open headphones better.     So if your a closed headphone person then closed headphones it shall be.  What ever way you go the GS-X mk2 will work very well with any of them.. 
Hope they use something at this level:     Or this:  
Burned in and properly amp has nothing to do with it.  The LCD-2 is not all that great to begin with - compared to the TOTL planers.     But oh well..
The LCD-2 is not a good headphone to base if you like planers or not on.  That one was not my favorite either.  That being said, there are better planers out there.  
 Sounds like my kind of concert.. 
The Fusion Flex looks like the new and improved mini-X.  Give it a shot and report back on how it does.
What limitations are you talking about?  The biggest difference would be going with MOSFET or Power JFET.     With the HE-6 and most of the First Watt amps, Class A or Class A/B really doesn't matter as the HE-6 will stay in Class A anyway because of the high bias in Class A.   Interesting to see your thoughts.
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