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Has anyone compared side by side the Electra and BHSE with the 009s?  
  Who said they sound different, did you do a side by side to come to this conclusion?  
  Sweeeeeeet !!!!!!
I can't make it either.  Had to work..  Sorry guys.
Looks like some real good eating ahead..  
Sure it's enough.  How it sounds - you have to be the judge.
  How many channels does it have?  Be carful, because some times that's the rating into say 5 channels, then it will be more when only using two channels..
I selling some "NEVER USED" brand new Silver Resolution Reference Interconnects both Digital and Analog.  The reason for selling before using is I'm going with Cabledyne and I wanted to keep the cables unused until I was sure which way I wanted to go.     By doing this It will save you $60 as I paid more than $410 for all of them.     1 Silver Resolution Digital Coax Balanced - Standard XLR 8 feet   1 Silver Resolution Digital Coax Balanced - Standard XLR 2...
 The GS-X mk2 will serve as a perfect stop gap until you get the speaker amp you really want.  I had the GS-X mk2, First Watt F1J, and the EF-6 in house at the same time.  The F1J stayed everything else went by by.  I would have taken the GS-X mk2 of the EF-6 if I had to pick between the two. I'm now into integrated amps.  You still have a boat load to pick from.  You budget will narrow it down a lot.  AudioGon can be a big help as well.  If you can find a F1, F1J or...
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