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I'm down to 1 amp and 1 DAC for now.  After I send my DAC in for the upgrade - when every they get the upgrade ready.   Then I may try to get 1 stax amp and a DAC next.  My first Stax venture failed two years ago..
 Better than the Master 10, more focused.  I think Nelson Pass stuff images pretty good. Separates and picks out instrument very well. The staging on the INT-150 presents a good center stage right above the forehead.  
SWEET     The Pass Labs INT-150 is one sweet sounding amp.  First I have to really give take my hats off to the Master 10.  It held it's own against an amp that cost twice as much.     Both amps has more than enough juice, both grab the HE-6 by the balls and tell it what to do.  In other words both amps drive the HE-6 effortlessly.     The Pass Labs does just about everything at a level above the Master 10, some things it does 2 or 3 levels above.  The one thing...
Check the He-6 thread in a few..
I only use integrated amps now with my headphones.  This amp beat out every headphone amp I've owned and all the ones I've heard.  
I would never buy a DAC from the 80s or even 90s for that matter - I would just wait and buy the Rag.  I've heard a few of those said DACs never thought to much of them.  If you call them less dark than a Master 7 then they are bright to me as the Master 7 is a very neutral DAC IMO..   I was thinking about the NFB-7 in that price range.  But I never heard it so I have no idea of it's sound sig.  I don't buy into all that Saber hash BS.  All DACs have different...
If your using the LCD-X the brightest of the LCDs and you want to go with the BHA-1 a bright ass amp.  The Octave mk II would be perfect.   Why not go with the Rag instead of the BHA-1?  Or even the Mjolnir for less.
The Octave mk II and the LCD-X would make a great combo.
  I want....
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