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It's the mids of the Master 10 that I like and has me keeping it this long.  The mids are full, have body, soul, character or whatever other buzz word you want to use.  The bass on the HE-6 is already great, the Master 10 takes nothing away from it.  The highs are detailed yet smooth.   I'm thinking about changing my DAC out to the NFB-7 to see if it can get a tad bit more lively, but keep the things I like about it - namely the mids.   The F1J I had was more open and...
  There are so many choices out there.   While the Master 10 fits within your price range, it does not fit within your preferred watts. I also like the Pass Labs integrated amps (INT-30 and the INT-150).  They fit within your preferred wattage rang but not in your price range.You can find these here  from 3.5k to 4.5k.  Mark is a great guy to deal with.
I'm thinking about it - Big time..  
 How so?  This is clearly a subjective statement - correct?
Also add The KGST to that as well.
Are you guys Odyssey amp integrated?  Shoot us some pictures..
Cradon already has it.  He didn't let it hit the for sale page..  Yes..  It truly is a very clean amp.
Very reasonable prices.
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