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The Berkeley Alpha Designs Alpha USB was much better, and I mean much better than the stock OR5 and could not be singled out vs. a loaded OR5 (sounded the same).  Using AES, the OR5's only advantage was having I2S.  That's why I went with the Alpha USB.  
Got'em, coming in at SN: 000986    
Can the 12AU7 or the 12AX7 be used in this amp?
Thanks, sounds like a plan.  Now I have to do some tube research... 
Thinking about getting the Lyr 2 to go with the AKG 7XX.  Does anyone use the Ly2 with any other AKGs - what tubes goes best with it?
I should have said - compared to the Master 10 and F1J..  The M1 may be the X factor in that as well.
Adding a Linear PSU just may take the SQ of the amp up a level.  
Naw, I disagree this time Steve.  I love the fullness of the Master 10.  I would have kept the F1J in that case.  The Master 9 can't come close to the Master 10 (with the HE-6) maybe with other headphones. Going to the Master 9 from the Master 10 would be a downgrade for sure - again just for the HE-6.     The Master 9 I heard with a pair of HE-6s was just to lean and on the bright side for me.  I didn't like that pairing at all.  You can really tell the difference...
 Hey Ben,  What you mean "smart" version???   Glad to see you got that group buy done..
Well if you're set on getting a Fostex amp then yeah go for the HP-A8 if funds allow it.
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