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Very interested in this headphone.  
What's wrong with the thought's and views of all other head fi'ers in the Master 7 thread on this site?
Get a cheap voltage meter (I guess that's what it is) from Radio Shack.  I usally don't either..
I know some sound science folks might ask.  Are you going to level match when doing the comparison?
 That's a bunch of BS IMO.  The Master 7 is a fine DAC with any input - I just don't use the USB port - that's for any DAC I use.  The Master 7 may not be the best out there but the SQ is very good at it's price point.  
I bought it like that - used..
 I have multiple DACs at difference lengths.  The Alpha USB allows me to use only one driver and an AES/EBU cable to change DACs easy while still using the one driver.  The lengths of my setup is the main issue that a converter solves.
Bananas would be the way to go I agree.  The issue I have with Audio-gd headphones amp - and this is IMO, they are BUTT UGLY.   The speaker amps are much cleaner looking.  
Looks like two of them will be going up for sale "maybe".    Looks like the ECP Black Diamond is "SE only"  may or may not be at a disadvantage.  
If you want to drive the HE-6 and Speakers only (no other headphones) - I would go with the Master 10.  Like punit said it would be a PITA with cable swapping but your have a larger reward in the end.     Remember the Master 10 is a speaker amp only - not designed for headphones at all.  So in the end you will be able to use a much wider veritiy of speakers compared to the Rag - I'm talking about harder to drive floor standing speakers if you want.  The Master 10 / (...
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