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Great write up Mike.   Question.....   Why go with the Master 9 over the Aurix - is it because of more power?  It seems the Octave mkII and the Aurix would be a perfect match... 
 So the 445 has enough juice for the LCD-3s?  I was thinking they would be better with a SS amp a la Ragg..
 Looking forward to hearing impressions from that mini meet. 
Oh yeah - that should give you a more organic sound, the 6SN7s are nice..  
 WOW - I would love to hear that combo.   I would guess a tube pre would a better match for more enjoyable listening and may make the music sound more organic compared to the Master 1.  It sounds like the Master 2's does a really good job.   You have the Master 9 as well - correct?  How does the Master 9 compare to the Master 2's?   Is this the Cayin A70T?  Just Beautiful: 
Are there any 007 / Electra rigs out there?  How does that rig compare to the BHSE / 007?  
 Where did you read that Xenophon?  I would like to have a good laugh..
LCD-3 = That's how I heard them as well.  I didn't like them enough to keep them at the time, but I like them enough to give the LCD-3F a good try.
  @zilch0md  Do you have any Octave mkII / HA-1 impressions anywhere?
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