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The GS-X mk2 is a pretty darn good amp.  I sold mine and kept the First Watt F1J.     Well it's not really a personal preference that it has more air - it's personal preference if you like it or not.  You would hear more a difference if you could hear the others ie. HE-4 and the HE-5LE.  All have the same tone as the HE-6.  Where the 500 has a warmer tone.  That's all I'm saying.  
The HE-500 is more forgiving and has a warmer tone compared to the HE-6.  The bass on the 500s is not as tight compared to the HE-6.  I owned all these headphones at the same time.  I sold off the 5LE and the 4 and kept the 500 and the HE-6 because they where more different than alike.  I later sold the 500 because the HE-6 got all the head time.   The HE-4 V shape? Yeah but that's the FR not the tone.     The HE-6 and all the HE-X has a brighter, airy tone.  The...
 The HE-6 and HE-500 does not sound similar.  The HE-500 stands out on its own.  The HE-6, HE-5LE, HE-4 are more tonally alike.
^^ I feel you ^^  
Yeah - IMO it's going to always come down to the transducer.  The Amps and DACs can't make a headphone something it's not.  However, good / great Amps and Dacs will get the best out of said headphone.
The HD800 / 445 combo still falls behind my HE-6 / Audio-GD Master 10 no question.  The HE-6 / Master 10 combo just has that "body" and "soul" - the HD800 will never have at the expense of sacrificing detail and stage.     The HD800 / 445 is the best I've ever heard the HD800 sound, really they sound that good.  But If I had to pick only one setup - it would be the HE-6 / Master 10.
Are you the first owner?
Is this an updated list?
 Waiting on this.. 
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