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That combo will work just fine.  No need to be confused. 
Yeah, it was going to be a special build.  At this point I'd rather take a new / mint condition pair of SR-009s.  
I sure hope not.  He has yet to return any of my emails or PMs this year.  He stopped returning my PMs in Sept. 2013.  The last email I got from him was from Dec. 15th of 2013 saying his hometown got hit with a Typhoon and flood and promised the amp by the end of the year.  After that - nothing no more emails no more PMs - nothing.   We started this project in May of 2013. 
 I agree with you on this.  The two I heard took away what I liked about the HD800s.  I have no problem at all with this so called peak.  
Although a Spritzer built GS-X mk2 might not be a bad option..   Can we see some pictures of the KGSSHV?  Is it off board or on board?  What is it biased at?
  May have to send them back to Justin to get rewired to some spades..
Sure will.  It's said the Dynahi is one of / if not the best SS headphone amp to go with the HD800s..
Great write up guys..
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