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Will these WE417 tubes need an adapter?
How many amps are in the run?
 Send them to Colorware..
  Did colorware paint your amp as well?
 What would that one opinion be?
Don't know - have not heard them yet..
Hey E,   Does these have an SE or XLR connection?  What kinda shape are they in?
 It is, still the LCD-3C bass was overwhelming as well.  I like a more linear bass response - in line with the rest of the FR - not a bass response that sticks out.  However, saying that - I'm really interested in the LCD-3F.  
 Don't worry about it DVass13, these are your impressions - stick to them.  A person saying it doesn't pair well to him and it "a mistake" and  "we need to reserve judgment" - yeah right.   Not everyone is going feel the same way - I'm glad he feels like this.  Now it's time to hear it for myself.  I may feel different, that doesn't mean it sounds good to him.   Just because the amp can get the HE-6 to ear slitting levels does not mean it sounds good doing so or it pairs...
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