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Why didn't you keep the WA5?
 We can only hope...
Why start a new thread when there is already one to contribute to?  Your findings and photos would be much more appricated in the first thread.
Yeah, I'm using the Alpha USB in my main system.  Yeah, the DC input is a good feature for those who would like to add a LPSU, I think it's a plus.     Your right, $160 is really a bargain. 
I'm late to the party so I apologize if these questions have already been asked.     Looking to build a second system in a different location.  Been looking at two converters, now this one has been added. = $1K = close to $400 with shipping (i'm guessing)   And now this one.     One thing is for sure this U12 looks way better than the DI - to me anyway.     I see some...
The Dynahi would be serious overkill way to powerful.  Depends on what SP you have - A buddy of mine has a SP extreme I think, sound really good with my old TH900.
Has anyone heard the K812s?  How do they compare to these (7XX) or the Annies?
The Berkeley Alpha Designs Alpha USB was much better, and I mean much better than the stock OR5 and could not be singled out vs. a loaded OR5 (sounded the same).  Using AES, the OR5's only advantage was having I2S.  That's why I went with the Alpha USB.  
Got'em, coming in at SN: 000986    
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