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How long of a ride is Cincinnati from Nashville?  I would love to make it a nice weld getaway if possible.
 It's waaaaayyyyy to many amps out there...
 The HE-6 is at the doctor right now getting operated on.  He will come back fully modded from top to bottom.  Hardwire, Grill mod, Fuzzor mod. FocusPads.  The whole nine yards..   
I'd go with the NAD as well, unless you'er looking for an all in one unit.
 Just to be clear.  The felt mod is the Fuzzor mod - correct?  Also, this mod is totally reversible - correct?
 Are you saying it must be used with a really good converter - or are you saying it "must" be used with a OR5 or ap1/pp?
That would be the PWD mk2 for me.  More bass, not as textured, layered or detailed in the bass.  And I never used either an OR5 or the USB input on the DAC.  I've always used either the BNC or AES inputs..
 Stock - yes (well almost, very close).  The HE-6 with all the mods applied NO WAY...
 As much as I like the HE-6.  And with all the new mods the HE-6 has.  By the way, the mods have really took the HE-6 up a few levels.  I still have to agree with the " No chance in hell" statement.  However, I think it's much closer than that.. Also guys,  there's a new kid on the block.  The "Code-X".  I have a pair on my head right now.   Pretty damn good headphone..
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