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Really, in every category? 
How did the 700s fair?
Do you guys feel the 700s are an upgrade in SQ over the 600s?  If so in what ways?  Tonal balance, instrument timbre, midrange vocals, high hat crashes and of course that BASS?  
You have the HE1000 there with you as well?  
The impression thread has gone to schiit.     Has anyone else got a chance to compare these to the Abyss?  Would like to hear your thoughts..
I would say your transducer should be where your preferred sound be tailored.  Your amp and DAC should be as neutral as possible.  IMO.   If you like a warm sound - go for something like the LCDs, HE1Ks.  If you like the neutral sound go for the HD800 types.     With a neutral setup you can achieve this pretty easy.  I'm not sure you want your chain imposing its sound and making every transducer you have sound the the same.
Great post.
I signed up for both the NightHawk and the HE1000.     How about the Dharma?    
 So far what - no difference at all?
 If you're using the AMR for the DAC, it's SE.  It has XLR outputs but the DAC is a SE DAC. 
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