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Well, when I was doing all my trials on different headphone amps vs. different speaker amps with the (HE-6).  I and a few others found more times than not the speaker amp had what it took to get the HE-6 to sound listenable.     I now have the 560 but I don't have all the headphone amps I had before, so I can't really do the same comparison as before.      So you have to do some grunt work and come up with your own conclusion.  Just like headphone amps, all speaker...
This is the combo I use now.  250 watts into 8 ohms.  I think it's the highest watt amp I've used so far.       Plus this   Plus this       The headphones have since been modded so they look different now - I need to take new pictures...
Assuming your NAD is a Solid State amp then there is no need for the box.  I'm working with 250 watts into 8 ohms, never had a issue.  Just be careful with the volume and you should be all good.
Didn't like it?
 I use it now.  Don't really need one if you ask me (looks better without it).  If he did, I would hope it outputs the exact same as the speaker post does.
 So ripping CDs using dBpowerAmp to 24 / 44 files and playing them on a 32 bit DAC does nothing - or does something? 
  Yeah - what lot of people said that..
Very interested in this headphone.  
What's wrong with the thought's and views of all other head fi'ers in the Master 7 thread on this site?
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