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 This is where I think we're not on the same page.  Try to make clear which LCD-3 you're talking about, (for me anyway)  LCD-3C or LCD-3F.  You know you (meaning people in general) and me, tend to listen for the things we don't like the most (well at least I do).  That being said - U-shaped sound sigs.  Having both the LCD-3F and the LCD-X side by side deciding which one to keep.  Right off the bat the midrange magic stood out for me on the LCD-3F (a good thing) and the...
 I got you covered when they go to production.  However, I don't want to handicap the 009s with the Wee so I'll substitute the HE-6 for the 009 for the time being..
 Lets go Ali - make it happen..
  Make that 4 
 Some say it is and some say it's not.  Just like you, this is a question that I have to find out for myself. 
That's not correct.  When the 560 came out the HE-6 was still in production and was still the flagship.  This is something the 560 owners made up.  Edit:  With all due respect - Please don't police me.  That's what the moderators are for.
Classical Music:   I use to think the HD800 was king as well.  Until I heard the Stax SR-Omegas.  There is no contest.  These have to be heard with large scale ensembles, the transparency, clarity and imaging are unreal..    They are just too damn lean for me.
  Good in-depth review.  Lots of information.. A few things? I noticed you kept calling the 560s a flagship.  Did I miss something I thought the HE-6 was the flagship? About the midrange.  If you didn't notice any midrange magic off the bat and you refer to the midrange as somewhat recessed on certain music - may not be a good thing for current HE-6 owners.  IMO the HE-6 midrange is a few levels up when compared to the 560.  If the HE1000 is not better than the 560 in that...
That is some serious gear right there..  
You all can use what you want.  I have a nice Pass Labs INT-30A just a waiting for the HE1000.  I use it on all my current headphones except the Stax of course.  Low wattage Pure Class A, high current output is perfect for planers.     Don't worry, I'll be sure to let the naysayers no how good it sounds.. 
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