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 Metrum Octave mk2 
Hi guys,   I'm also awaiting my BHSE.  If Justin comes there will be no need for me to bring it (if I have it by then).     I'll try to bring the F1J and the AMR DP-777, however, I'll need some table space, I can't stack them as the F1J gets way to hot.   My C.A.P.S consist of a two box system with keyboard, mouse and a 27in. TV as the monitor - will this be an issue?   I have a pair of SR 007 mk1 that I haven't heard yet.  If my BHSE is not ready - I would love to...
I see no one has asked this yet so I will.  Why not the HD800 if soundstage is a top priority?
Metrum Octave II Lavry DA11 NAD M51 Matrix X-Sabre DAC
  Just was taking a look at the Level 6 (not the BIG SIX).  I'm assuming a VC can be added here as well? Thank
 Is it possible to get the Level 4 Gen 4 with a volume control?
That combo will work just fine.  No need to be confused. 
Yeah, it was going to be a special build.  At this point I'd rather take a new / mint condition pair of SR-009s.  
I sure hope not.  He has yet to return any of my emails or PMs this year.  He stopped returning my PMs in Sept. 2013.  The last email I got from him was from Dec. 15th of 2013 saying his hometown got hit with a Typhoon and flood and promised the amp by the end of the year.  After that - nothing no more emails no more PMs - nothing.   We started this project in May of 2013. 
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