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  I want....
 Well, no amp or cable will change what the TH900's are.  Only thing is eq.   Does anyone have thoughts on the Lawton mod, just the tune-up mod not the cups?  I wonder if the tune-up mode will bring the mids at least in line with everything els. Or you can search for a pair of Audio Technica ATH-W3000ANV's, they have the edge in the mids over the TH900s.  
Matt what about some of that vintage iron?  I'm sure that will do the trick.
Oh yup - that works. 
 Yup.. I also like to add power = enhanced dynamics at lower volume levels.  Or the ability to produce very clear micro dynamics = subtle details in low passages or the ability to resolve small voltage swings.   And being able to stay clear / clean when the volume is turned way up and not distorting or beginning to sound muddied = I guess you can call this macro dynamics. Power does not = how loud an amp can get. 
 Yup - Depending on how you think your F1J sounds.  
 What in this game does?
Those are HE-500s not HE-6s...   I think..
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