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Regen just arrived.  Now I'm waiting for the TeraLink X2 LPS to arrive.    http://www.teradak.com/products/46.html   Lets see what this does..
I have a few questions for you.   1.  How do you know accuracy when you hear it or what DAC is most accurate?   2.  How do you know the source background is not pitch black?    3.  How do you know the grayish background of the Yggdrasil is not a flaw?   4.  What makes you say other DACs have a "fake" blackness about them?    5.  How do you support the idea the Yggdrasil resolves better than other DACs? Or the Yggdrasil has "absolute" resolution as you...
I would look very hard at a "New" Odyssey Khartago and ask Klus to add a volume control.  He also will custom build it up to your price point.
Not yet. 
I use and compare two very different DACS with my 009 / KGST setup.  The Bricasti M1 and the TotalDAC Dual.  The M1 does not show any sign of hash / harsh or bright treble.  The only thing the TD dual will beat it out on is tone and timbre.  It's different but may not be better.  I like the TD better for voices and Jazz.  I like the M1 better for large scale classical music.  With both the 009s sound fantastic.
Wire-with-gain = GS-X MK2  
SR-009 Abyss SR-007 HE1K HD800  
Where are you located?
Reno HiFi does a in home demo.  You have to pay the cost of the amp first thou.  
Those prices you are putting you into really good speaker amp territory.  If the Abyss, HE1K or any planar for that matter a speaker amp at that price should get some looks..  Just to cover all bases..
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