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 Right about that.  I wonder if the Ragg / Ygg can top it with the LCDs
  Ha ha ha  there's not much you can do about it, is it?  All you can do is deal with it.  Besides, the headphone sounds marvelous, but as you said - it is uncomfortable..
I would think amp builders would dry soak the amps a few days or a week or so before sending it out.  Thus already putting many hours on each amp.  Is this not the case?
 It may exceed "some" of the First Watt amps. I agree, some amps speaker amps or whatever, still doesn not do the trick with the HE-6 - no matter how many watts it puts out.
 This is an amp thread is it not?  Headphone users of all kind should be welcomed to see if this amp will be a good buy for their particular headphone(s).  If you go by your own logic,  Why can't you go to your own thread (LCD-X) and stay there?  You don't see any HE-6 users saying things like that. Many HE-6 users would like to find "ONE" headphone amp that can drive a verity of headphones "very well".  I understand getting away from the big ole speaker amps, especially...
Good Post^^   However, maybe you should start looking into speaker amps.  You can spend an extreme amount of money - but then again you don't have to.  There's way more options in speaker amps compared to headphone amps - sooooo many more.  Some of the names that's known to sound good with the HE-6 are: Pass Labs, First Watt, Krell, Threshold, Sim Audio - and that's just the start - they're a lot more.  I've found the Master 10 fits very well in that list as well.  The...
  Come again..
Synergies is something to laugh at strange.  It's seems to me all the aftermarket cables I ever owned or tried sound good - Heck all the stock cables I've owned sound good as well. I like aftermarket cables for the looks and flexibility. I guess synergy is everywhere.  
Are you using it with the Octave mkII?
Just read the review on the Aurix.  Seems like a perfect match for the Octave mk!!.  Now I'm interested in the stack..
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