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Hey there everyone - it's me again =)   I've actually bought soundmagic pl-50 - they was quite good, and the build quality is totally awesome! They started to rattle (when playing loud) a while ago, and one piece now plays louder than another, but that's after they swimmed a while with me underwater, so I can't actually blame them for this. The cable is still in good condition, considering that I never was too gentle with this IEMs - often weared them during bicycle...
At least in this case I don't have to wait for about a month for my order, as usually. Yeah, post service here is really special. And I'll listen to them before buying anyway, so if they will be that bad, I won't buy them of course. :)
Thank for the replies guys! ljoker's review thread is totally awesome! So much information in one place, it should be sticked or something :) I accidentally found a guy in my city who wish to sell new Soundmagic PL-50 for about $40, so if over-the-ear wear style (never used such iems) and sound (never listened to BA thingies too) will suit me, I'll buy these ones.
My koss spark plugs finally met their final death (after 1.5 years of life and half an year of pure necromancy), and I'm now looking for a good replacement - some other IEMs for outdoor use. I'm using the sansa clip+ mp3 player, and listening mostly to new age, ambient, jazz and metal, so my new IEMs should be quite fine with these genres (unlike my old ones lolz). Another important moment for me is reliability of the construction, they should last at least one...
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