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Price drop: 79€>70€
Price drop: now 40€ all in 
lucky you! :)
No it is not. If you trust me enough I can help you out
Hifiman HE-1000 for 1990€ instead of 2990€ on son-video (french website) close to EDX price !
off topic: 2016 EL-8 open worth USD500 to me
My 2016 version too. Headband is sometimes cracking when manipulating the headphones, but no noise when put on my head listening music 
off topic but yes EL8 is good, I wish I have LCD2 to compare but like I said before I feel they share a lot in common.
No issue with comfort from my side and I'm very picky with comfort since I wear my headphones 6h/ day. They fit my head well :)
Hi Head-fi I sold all my Grado and I still have a set of Grado G cush (like new) I almost never used since I bought them to replace old G on my PS500 but sold the headphones few weeks later with old G.   Non smoker house No pets   Price includes shipping in EU (letter) but not paypal fee (gift ok) If you want another option for shipment, let me know   Thank you   Price drop : 45>40€ all in
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