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 I fully agree with your impressionsI currently own Edition X, LCD-3 & EL8 2016 Open. I still enjoy these EL8 with Mojo. They are really engaging and retain Audeze's sound-house. Big plus for me they are very comfortable to me & easy to drive. Unfortunately EU price is too deconnected vs US price.2016 version is I think a real option for the mid-fi class. At least I would be pick up these over many contenders I tried such as Nighthawk.Just bought LCD2 PreF to compare.
please please... if you plan to buy make sure they are 2016 version, otherwise forget about these
Hi Head-fi,   I sold my HD800 to finance a good opportunity on EDX so sadly I have to let my Crack + speedball go since I won't use it anymore. Absolutely stunning unit. VERY well built. Bought here:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/811384/sold-bottlehead-crack-240v-with-speedball-and-a-few-upgrades   Selling for 499€ , shipping included in EU. Paypal fee to add   Thank you
Great review. I agree also on your comments about el8o . I really need to get another lcd2 ...
Yes.send them an email
stock in good conditions with no extra such as focus pads or new cables I would say USD400 is a fair price.
Price drop: 79€>70€
Price drop: now 40€ all in 
lucky you! :)
No it is not. If you trust me enough I can help you out
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