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Price drop : now 379€! 
Hi Head-Fi, selling my Final Audio Pandora Hope VI bought here couple of weeks ago. I'm selling them to found a new Stax headphones. In perfect shape, shipped with the fancy box & manual   Smoke-free & pet-free environment.   Asking for 399€ 379€+ shipping Thank you
Hi Head Fi I'm selling a pair of Grado G cush, brand new.  Bought from authorized dealer, invoice available (60e). Selling them because I'm selling my PS500 with old G cush so no need anymore. Thank you   39€ + shipping (letter = low cost)
Hi Head Fi I'm selling a brand new pair , unopened box of HE400s. I bought them with vouchers expiring soon but I don't need them . Bought from authorized dealer . Invoice available. Save yourself a bunch of money ! My price is 215 euros + shipping in Europe + paypal fee or gift
Any comparison between SR507 & the new L500? Thanks
Any opinion about the difference between SR202 & SR207? Are they identical? And can you confirm SRM212 = SRM252s? thanks
Any more feedback about L500? How do they compare versus SR507?
Ordered a Vali too. Waiting for availability now
Hi Head Fi I bought these headphones by curiosity when I finished to read the 6moons review. Very good headphones , very comfortable. To me they sound very natural with a good soundstage for a closed headphones. I was dissapointed by the IV (very hot and agressive) I'm not with the III which are smooth. Like new conditions, complete in the original box with invoice from authorized dealer. Smoke free and pet free environment. Selling new for 379 euros Asking 299 euros +...
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