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I got heaven vi ,vii and f3100 Vi and vii are completely different. Vi is rather smooth, intimate with good bass and warm mids. Vii is clearer, more expensive soundstage ,less bass and generally less warm. F3100 is like a baby vii It seems that f3100 are the most forgiving of the 3 new F. In that case I would not like f4/f7 for sure Matter of preferences I understood viii is more like the vi in term of signature (warm)
Hi head fi I decided to let my Hifiman Edition X v2 go. Fantastic headphones, one of the best I owned . Very good sounding (better than v1 I also had), very comfortable and easy to drive . Complete in the box with all original acccessories . Original invoice available. (new from September 2016) Smoke free and pet free environment Looking for 899e + shipping . I will eat PayPal fees (30e) Thank you
Nope... they are very good on technical aspect but they were too laid back for me. lacking punch & dynamic. Sold them since I enjoyed my old Fitear 334 more
Which is the case. B stock don't last long
Hi Head Fi Selling a brand new pair of Final Audio F3100. Very tiny iem , very light and very comfortable. Selling them since I prefer the warmer Heaven VI . Like new, complete in the box with all accessories. Smoke free and pet free environment Looking for 99e shipped in EU!
so which one is closer to LCD2 tonality? i10 or i20? Am I correct to assume , I10 = LCD2 & i20 = LCD3 from a tonality stand point? (not technical level obv) I'll be in US next week and I might want to come back with one or the other :)
Why is that ? I thought Andromeda become brighter with higher impedance output and GOv2 is 0,47ohm.
Got the same experience with both Orion and Nova .
I wonder to which kind of IEM you can compare the Campfred with... Any clue?  Thanks
Thank you. Meanwhile I got the reply from Final Audio --> no fake according to them
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