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+1If anybody has  something to say about T90+Crack vs. O2 , it would be nice (even though I'm sure Crack will outclass the O2)Tx
Hi all, I placed an order for 2 pairs of earbuds on Dasetn's website about 3/4 weeks ago, so far no news and I sent already 2 mails to "help desk" and still no reply. I just would like to know how long did it takes to get your order from Dasetn?   Thanks
I'll buy a new pair from TTVJ then...
Hi Head-fi, With the release of X5/DX90 I guess some will be happy to sell their DX50. So looking to buy 1 in EU in very good conditions for 120-130€ max. (Selling for 190€ new shipping included). Shoot me your best offer! Thank you
These Shure have always intriganted me... Will probably pull the trigger if I found a good price
Hi!   I'm looking to buy a pair of G Cush . I can buy them new from TTVJ for $45+$15 which is more or less €45 but I would prefer to buy them in EU   Thanks
Price drop to 220€  
I'm sick... M'y head will explode...i'll come back to this;-)
Maybe something easier to drive even though I have good results with my combo studio v + HD600
T70p if you can live with a hint of brightness
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