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Hi Head-fi   Selling my pair of Yamaha HPH-200 as I don't use them. Still they are very good sounding for the price, just read all reviews on the web ;-)   Brand new in the box. Asking for 60€ + shipping. Paypal on me.
 same here 
I would say the one which has the most power for 300ohms cans.
Hi Head-fi   I'm looking to buy Magni 2 or Magni 2 Uber 220v.  I'm located in France 13010.   Please shoot me your best offer via PM   Thank you
HD800 HD650 NAD HP50
I leave in EU, I went to Shanghai & Beijing couple of months ago for business trip.  In Shanghai there are 2 main shops close to people square (city center) : 1 being Jaben & the other one is close to Howard Johson hotel (with all the restaurants around the place).   But I found nothing interesting to buy since prices are quite high (same or even more expensive than online shops)
Hi Head-fi,   I'm helping a friend of mine to sell this HEX Metrum DAC with USB & AES Options. I'm just making the link between Head-fi & her as she doesn't have an account here.   It is in minty conditions, bought new in April 2014. Invoice is available   Selling new for 3114€, looking for 1900€ + shipping   Price is FIRM   Thank you
I'm sorry but the comparison won't happen since I can't fit the TE-05 properly 
I would say indeed HD650 even though differences are not night & day on a good dedicated desktop ring (owned both). I've never personally experienced the famous "HD-650-veil" with my set (having a hd800 as well) paired with bifrost/valhalla 2
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