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Hi head fi looking to buy the headband from the new Hifiman Serie (HE400s/400i or 560). It seems Hifiman is selling it for USD50 but they don't reply to my mails so looking here to hopefully get more success   Willing to pay USD50 shipped in France   Thank you
I did not like focus pads on hE500. more Hifi sound but they lost their magic mid range and smooth sound with original velour. So which pads will be more comfortable than velour but similar sounding? Does anybody tried 400s velour pads?
Hi head fi Selling these brand new Denon AH MM400. Non smoker house. no pet Complete in the original box. Only the carton box has a little bit suffered, the rest is perfect. Selling to reduce inventory. 219e + 15e shipping in Europe Thank you
Hi head fi Selling my Beyer T90. Like new. complete with original box Non smoker house. no pets. I need to reduce the inventory so selling some headphones 249e+15e shipping in EU Thank you
Hi Head-Fi, Selling my Stax amp SRM1/MK2 pro with pro & normal bias ports. Ideal to drive all Stax headphones, from vintage to latest models. In very good conditions some very slight marks on it though.   Asking 299€ + shipping     Pictures will come tonight. Thank you
I had the chance to hear both. Soundstage is much much bigger on EDX 
back for sale
Hi Head-fi   Just an interest check for my brand new Stax L700 bought few weeks ago from an authorized dealer. Invoice available , complete in the original box.   Smoke-free & pet-free environment.   I would prefer a warmer signature (I'm more HD650 than HD800 guy...) so I would be interested to trade vs. Hifiman Edition X or sell for 1099€ > 1049€ (1450€ new) + shipping.   I might have a SRM1/MK2 for sale too ,for the moment I would like to keep it but let's...
ordered. Waiting for availability now...
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