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Well.. to me 2 different beasts. HP150 will be more balanced than DT770 for sure. For classical, HP150 is a very good candidate!
Any comment about this new Z model vs. X ? Thanks
Combo with Vsonic AN16 added
Hi Head -Fi,   I'm selling this fantastic combo:   Geek Out IEM version, brand new, complete in the box  + Sennheiser IE80, like new in the box (invoice available)  I just miss extra tips.   All for 270€ + shipping + paypal fee (if any) 
Hi Head-Fi   I'm selling these IM70.  They are like new, used only few hours in total, actually I don't use them (way too much stuff bought recently) Looking for 60€+ half of shipping cost    Thanks
Hi Head -fi,   I really love these 535 but I want to try custom Ei3 from Piotr so I'm selling these Shure's. They are in very good conditions, complete in the original box.   I want 200€ for these + shipping + paypal fee (if any)   My price is FIRM, please don't send offer   Thanks
Last price drop:169€ shipped in EU. Grab a bargain!
Hi Head-Fi   I'm selling my Astrapi complete in the box with original invoice. In very good conditions, some slight marks on the top though Selling for 89€ + shipping at cost anywhere in EU   Thanks     Combo possible with Vsonic AN16 brand new for 110€ !!!      GRAB A BARGAINNNNNN!!!
Thank you! most probably my next custom ;)
Price drop:179€ shipped in EU
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