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geek out 1000 does a great job as well
I own HP150, they are VERY good , but I would understand if someone think they sound sterile, not me. Something very different sounding, but still very good: Mad dogs with alpha pads
Ok I'm probably at the wrong place for that but still... if anybody wants to get rid of its HE-4, I'm here! Tx
Very good price for a very exciting headphones! GLWS
Hi!   Everything is in the title, looking for HE-4 in a very good conditions. Smoke-free & pet-free   Let me know what you have ;-)   I'm living in France 13010   Thank you  
don't know but it seems that HE560 love lot of power, a bit like HE-6, still I doubt they sound horrible out of GO720
Thank you for the review but actually you're saying almost nothing about the sound except :   "An edge has been removed particularly in the upper mid range and treble. There is also a more pronounced bass emphasis likely due to the stronger Geek out amp" "The Geek Out does not offer the full bloom of sound I enjoy from the DAC2, however, it gets me close enough that being away from the Big Rig is not the Audiophile sacrifice it had been"  
same hereIf PM-2 are more airy & slightly brighter than HE-400i then they might hit the spot for me
I owned HE-400, HE-500 & now HE-400i. HE-400 were NOK for me because of (too) recessed mids, I really loved the sound of HE500 but I simply could not live with them : too heavy & too much clamping. I bought HE-400i thinking about an upgraded 400 (without the hole in the mids) but to me they sound like another headphones, not related to HE-400, nor to HE-500 to be honnest.   Comfort put aside, I much prefer what HE-500 bring on the table. I miss air & excitment with my...
ODAC/O2 & you're done 
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