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Don't expect muse aop in a $200 DAP.. Makes no sense
I owned X1 & MA900. I prefered X1 signature. To my ears MA900 were lacking extensions in lows & highs.
The last of us on PS3: 10/10 best game I've ever played
Price drop : 110€
in the same time, I can't find it new in EU... too sad
+1 , that's what I said on GO1K thread couple of days ago. Still there is quite a big gap with a good desktop amp like Valhalla 2
I'm waiting for Sonority audio to get Valhalla 2 available and I'll buy wyrd+bifrost uber usb + Valhalla 2I had the chance to try Valhalla 2 + dacmagic and it was very good sounding!
Did you have the chance to try HD800+Valhalla 2, great combo!
yes stock tubes & dacmagic
I had the chance to try Valhalla 2 with HD800 and it sounds wonderful, my next purchase for sure!
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