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why sticking to that? you have very competent single BA or dynamic in the market .Would be much more important to express what you're looking for in term of signature or type of music you're listening to.Still I agree with others : Custom art is a top class company . I have Music one & had EI3.and both are fantastic values.
I tried almost all headphones under 1K, I liked some I hated some . For the price HD650 is just SO good that l would suggest you to always have a pair with you . Make sure you have decent DAC/AMP too to make them sing (does not mean expensive)
I can help also. PM me if you want
quite a statement here... I'm eyeing IT03 since they are much cheaper than Andromeda but reading all the praise about Andromeda and being impressed by Orion, I feel that Andromeda is just a end game IEMWaiting for Ibasso reviews though...
Is somebody able to tell me if all models (except Lyra) are sharing the same shell? I fit well Orion so I wonder if I'll fit Andromeda the same. Thanks
I should try them once more.. but back to LCD3 ,my current fav
That 's funny... I hate them 😁
And it is ...
Sub! Really looking forward to read more about it!
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