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Same combo hereExcellent with any kind of music!
+1 And maybe an Iphone/Android DAC/AMP ? The market is simply booming!
Do you think guys that Ether is like a slightly more musical version of the HD800? I'm in love with my Senn and the only headphones which might replace them I can think of so far are the Ether. My main criterias are soundstage, quality of the bass, timbre & comfort. Thanks
 K7xx do not fit this criteria. X1/X2 do.Other options would be DT990 from Beyer or Hifiman HE400 (2nd hand)
Hi Head-fi,   I'm thinking to re-buy these headphones and I'm willing to spend 200€ shipped & Paypal'ed with extra pads and a bit less if no extra. I'm located in France 13010.   I'm willing to trade vs. my mint HD650 (with invoice, box)   Should be smoke-free, pet-free environment.   Thanks!
This is my settings. Very happy with my combo! Everything sounds great!Some would recommend Anax mod with the Val2, I can understand why but so far I didn't feel the need to make it. Maybe you can try some different tubes with some money left ?
 No doubt, get HD800 for that. Sell your amp too to buy something better for HD800 (don't need to spend too much at the beginning: Vali/Valhalla2/Crack are all good)But don't think HD800 is suitable for classic only you would be wrong. I listen everything with mine (+bifrost/val2) and I'm very satisfied.
Hi Head-fi   I'm selling my Sennheiser HD650 bought new in September 2014 (339€).   They are in very good conditions, very little use, I'm selling these because I mainly use my HD800 (addicted to its soundstage...)   No need to present these wonderful headphones, they sound very good, they are very comfortable and not that hard to drive (Val2 or Crack and you're done).   Asking for 199€ + shipping (from France) + Paypal fee (if any)   Thanks for looking   
I think few he400s were actually available. Hifiman's french distributor has few units in stock only
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