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1 - My ears are so small that I've had to have the earwax cleaned out of them by a nurse because I wasn't able to hear.  Over the counter stuff doesn't help alleviate it. 2 - Not just sleeping but sometimes I want to watch something while laying in bed and can't wear my cans. 3 - I don't have a motorcycle but I am a cyclist, and I tend to wear one earphone in (it's legal in CA) while biking. 4 - I also run and lift weights on top of cycling.  I've had a pair of...
I would like to cover a pair a of Hephaes with my sweet, sticky earwax.
This listing includes: + G&W TW-J1 Discrete SS Amp ( http://www.china-highend-hifi.com/prod01123412233.htm ) + RCA and Power Cable for the Amp + Hot Audio DAC Straight ( http://www.hotaudio.com/store/dac-straight.php ) + All the cables necessary to connect the DAC and Amp together to a computer More info: I bought these from member Grokit a few months back through this listing (...
This listing includes: + Modded SR225i headphones - J$ lambskin headband - 2" Cocobolo woodcups w/ custom grills - Black and red rod tips (go over the normal rodtips) + Grado 1/4"-1/8" Adaptor Cable (http://www.amazon.com/Grado-Mini-Adaptor-Cable-Inch/dp/B001DK1ZVO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310179996&sr=8-1) + Extra set of foam donut pads More info: I bought these from member Grokit a few months back through this listing...
Will be putting them up on eBay tomorrow, tonight is the last chance to snatch them up before I do so.
Having never owned a pair of SR80i headphones, I couldn't tell you.  I imagine the difference is the same as asking what is the difference between the SR60i and SR80i.  They are a higher end model?  Not sure what to tell you without giving you something opinionated and without basis as I have said, I have never owned a pair of SR80i headphones.  
Sorry, I missed your post earlier.  It's a good thing you posted again.  These look like a contender  
Looking into the cans phones you mentioned.  Memory foam earpads on the Shure 840 sound pretty enticing.  I just wish they weren't so... cheap plastic looking? Having trouble finding a used D2000 for $200, thought I am patient and can camp out the Sale/Buy/Trade Forum. The Phiaton's don't look half bad but some of the amazon reviews are putting me off. So would the Sennheiser HD25 IIs be a decent choice considering what I'm looking for?  
You could always put the original black ones back on .  They're also in the pictures. What are you referring to when you want me to explain the benefits?  It sounds better than cheaper headphones?  
Sale includes: -Grado SR125 Headphones -Sennheiser HD414 yellow earpads (much more comfortable) -Original SR125 donut earpads -1/8"->1/4" adapter Grado included when I received headphones back I recently had them serviced by Grado.  The $35 service included (as far as I could see) a recabling. The entire cable is brand new (there was some wear/tear on it before I had it serviced, now all gone). Instead of the original 1/4" plug, they replaced it with a 1/8" plug...
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