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Ok thanks,   My plan is to make a detachable cable on one side only, I would like to put a jack socket in the left cup and make a cable that go through the headband to the left cup. For the main cable that I will plug from my source to the left cup, I could use 4 poles jack and socket to keep the ground separated but do you think it is worth it?   I have seen that some sr60s have been modded like that but I do not know if they kept the ground separated...
I finally found a SR60 in the trade I am waiting. Thanks Bilavideo and Eclein for your help, the owner is ok to ship it overseas.   I think I can already start working on the cable but there is something I do not understand. I have seen that grados have a quad core cable...does it mean that the GND of each speaker goes to the jack? Is it something important? How do you wire the jack?   @Bilavideo : Forget about the new sr60i, but I am still interested...
@Bill   I PMed you lately but I think you might not have receiced the messages...Could you confirm?
RESPECT   I checked "La Croix Rouge Française" and it seems that they are in Japan priority at the moment. You cannot really select "I want my money to go to Japan" but it seems that everything is going there... oh yeah I'm french, hence the french RedCross, but I think it should be possible somewhere else then.  
Ok thanks, I'll have to check how much will cost VAT and custom then...I doubt it will be cheap though.
I haven't thought about the Alessandro MS1 option... But I don't find that much shop that sell them in Europe. 
Hi all,   A few month ago I tried one of my friends sr60 and loved it, so I started getting information about those headphones and find your thread about mods...woohah! I've never thought about modifying my headphones before and now I really want to get a pair of sr60 and mod them! Of course now, I have to get the headphones but a brand new pair is really expensive in the UK so I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get some cheaper in Europe or even if...
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