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Bought a pair of Sennheiser HD580 headphones from Moocher. Communication was good, headphones were shipped in a timely manner and arrived in good condition.
Bumpitty bump.
Looking for some used HD580s in decent shape. I'm willing to pay $100-110 or so. Anyone have a set they'd be willing to part with?
IMO, unamped 580s >>>>> 555s. You miss out on the bass, and volume, but you shouldn't be cranking it up, and the 580s are much more neutral and detailed.
The 555s are a touch on the warm side, and quite dark. The Grados have a forward midrange and are bright. You picked two very opposite headphones. If you want something in between (IE, natural, good sound), and have a reasonably amplified source, HD580s are quite superior to the 555s. If you want something exciting, go for the Grados. I would agree that the 555s are boring.
HD600s are fantastic for Opeth. ER4ps are alright too, but I don't like having my ears plugged up.
Hallucinogen - Snakey Shaker Heh, great little song. It's also *real* progressive trance (as opposed to the stuff that is normally called progressive trance). Want to hear some trance with a couple time signature changes? This has them! (3/4 4/4 and 6/8). Yeah, it's simple, but it's more interesting than most trance. I have an mp3 of an edit of Green Nuns of the Revolution - Cor, and I like it quite a bit. As far as favorite electronic music track, it...
Quote: "music for sleeping" (I kid you not!) AIR AIR AIR AIR AIR!!! I sleep to Air quite a bit. I keep the volume very, very low. If you are looking for some trance to exercise to, I'd recommend Astral Projection and Hallucinogen, both are goa for the most part (straight forward trancey trance), although that can get a bit boring after a while. Doof is decent too, check out "Let's Turn On". Ceiba, if you can find it, is quite alright....
Porcupine Tree - Mesmer - It's all spacey improv. Yes, the entire CD is improv. Brad Mehldau - Places, Art of the Trio, Vol. 3 (Piano/bass/drums trio playing low key jazz) Loreena McKennit - The Visit - Still my favorite album by her, not only is it relaxing, Loreena has an amazing voice, very airy and ethereal. Katie Meula is pretty good too.
Quote: dont know if I can really appreciate the music. I barely distinguish (only when Im trying ti compare them) unamped/amped sound from my D-SJ301. Also I cant tell the difference between my echo indigo from the mainboard sound card (I have Dell Inspiration 8600 laptop). What does discerning between output sources have to do with enjoying music? Nothing at all. Stop worrying about it.
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