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That sounds good too.
Beat people up? The only beating is you doing it to yourself.Being Sir Edgelord McPlotmeister III just makes me think you're a newbie anime watcher that's constantly worrying how "matured" you are. Be like akiroz and be free. Free from whatever people think about one's crap taste.Or get a motorbike and RIDE FREE!!!
It's because you're coming into this thread thinking you're all Za Shiz and all with your critics approved muh edjii anime.Look at your post count and join date. Look at mine. Now go look in the first 5 pages of this thread. You don't get to talk shiz in this thread without getting shi7posted by me.
Just read it on reddit (ha get it???), but promptly forgot because of how WTF it is. It's a show within a show though. I think the "parent" show is a 4koma adaptation.
STEEL YOURSELF BROTHER, FOR THE TIME OF RECKONING IS AT HAND. THE DOMAIN OF THE GOD-EMPEROR OF MANKIND WILL NEED OF OUR PROWESS AGAINST THE XENOS.Although, for being the best of humanity, they do have some ****ty commander (rushing an ork dreadnought with a chainsword??). BUT **** YEAH IMPERIAL KNIGHTS!!.
Speaking of right in the kokoro, decided to post in one of my own biggest thread TMAC.This is probably a mistake.Man, reading all those names that dropped by and all the shenanigan we've been through. I wonder what happened to me, to stop posting.
Is it time for Memories May 2016?
Welp, time to take it more seriously. I can do 30 bucks plus whatever shipping to here.
HuhuhuMoral schmoral, if this is how it's going to be, the seven seas is still the better option.idk about that. I can't remember much detail of my impression, but from what i remember of reading about its qualities and how I felt when i finally got to listen to The One, I felt underwhelmed.
New Posts  All Forums: