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What the... damn that escalated quickly.
My victim said no restriction beyond anime preferences. Excellent.
SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xposed just owned my phone. I factory reseted... and free titanium backup restoration is suffering uwu
False. Chaika Chaika is best Chaika
FWIW, we still have shoe shine stations here in the capital.
(ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻Never seen that one before, back then.
Yeah but I figured the price would be highly inflated, unless AKG plans to run another sale of it, or most that bought it hate the K7XX.
I remembered what it's called: alpen gold. Mmm, good times.
Yeah, but that's still 25% off from the UERM itself, regardless of the ancillary cost.
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