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I don't gloat like that. More the kind of silent, evil, princess-hair, busty princess, not the loudmouth "hohohoh" flat (is justice) twin drill princess.As a story it's a pure shonen show with actually above good character interactions and development. And gunpla, and lots of shout outs to not-butthurt fans.Dare I say it's kind of like how Highschool DxD is Actually Good(TM), and More Than It Looks(TM).
I'll also add that Gundam BF is the best thing to happen by sunrise, in that it can do ****ty shonen crap, without pretending to be grimdark and "uhh we have to be topical. Umm lets add this nondescript middle eastern country as a plot device with this oohmysterious illuminati-like organizatio-" **** off sunrise. Also sunrise is throwing **** around to see what sticks. Like valvrave. Or Buddy complex.
Of course I'm right. Who the hell do you (guys) think I am? I almost always back the right, successful, word-of-God truth, truly great anime.Only I give my reasoning by shouting and fanboying.Of course I'm right./gloat
wow. Confirmed for lots of tasteless people in here. :P
This is a good thing.Wow. Just wow. You guys suck more than a vacuum. Pacific Rim is the best. What more can you ask for than giant robots ******* punching giant lizards from the sea? And "TODAY WE ARE CANCELLING THE APOCALYPSE!!!!"?Age of Extinction and Micheal Bay can go die in a ditch on fire though. I bet the next, final one would involve Unicron and he can even make that one even worse than ******* giant robot dinosaurs.
I read that as "Trap and Troll" lol.
I have to say the time I got (back) into gunpla GBF started airing lol. I even bought a 1/144 RG RX78-II that's still unfinished.......................................... Can't deal with 1/144. Only 1/100 for these massive orangutan fingers.
Yes I am ignoring that other gundam series, despite being directed by "Kill All" Tomino.
What's that?
Using the gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam just makes last season's ridiculousness to even greater heights!!!1111! So hype! Very hype!!! Hype hype!!!!11
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