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Proof is in the pudding.very sad that there's a lot forced off from YouTube.
Don't worry,I like them for the cheesiness. Hell I havea playlist for moments that should be hilarious.
Family card? You mean start a family right? I really hope of vortex plays that card, his cousin misinterpret it that way. Massive hilarity.
I've been following suimasen [sic] scans for a long while, and while the lack of raws are a problem,the bigger one is the lack of interested translators.And the only translator still interested in szs lost his steam.
No, I meant the link.
That's technically three questions and, I want the source for that pic. For science.
Stop reminding me of the missing chapters of SZS. The only way to get them is going to Jap- My god....
Indeed it would.I heard there is a econodox someone is making.It's only a toy as far as how much you limit it.
Am I reading this right? nano.ripe is going to be in Singapore? nano.ripe IS GOING TO BE IN SINGAPORE? !?!
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