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I use it for myself to track what I watched and want to watch. Bragging is just a bonus.
@mechgamer123, you should try Haunted Dancehall from alstroemeria records. It's a good-different than Abandoned Dancehall.
I've heard good things said about koe no katachi, so maybe that..
Of course Google music is restricted here.Aww it didn't have my I-diddn't-knew-it's-my-favourite-all-along Dancing Mad. That One Winged Angel is awesome though, but now I'm missing the concert...... so good.
Shut your dirty soup hole!! That's like book-form unicorn.
I don't even know the models anymore. @_@Either next or next 2 paychecks I might get one. And another OST disc and a cheap sports IEM from CDJapan because I'm kind of obsessed with them........EDIT: Never forget my lost Clip+ that jumped out of my coat pocket in an autumn day on my way to a lecture on a tram... ;_;7
Speaking of DAPs and highly off tangent, I should hunt for a Clip+. It was said that the new Clip Sport isn't as good (value? worse sound quality? I forgot) as the +.
@deadlylover, amazing Reimu is amazing.
And lipo batteries swell up too when tampered with.
Finally caught up with Urobutcher's Gundam Aldnoah. 1) It's more Gundam than Gundam. 2) I didn't expect a ******* ship. I thought it would be just a mech. 3) Inaho is ice cold. 4) Anime of the Season. EDIT: 5) Sawano Hiroyuki and Kalafina FTW.
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