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The same underlying reason why I want a CIEM with custom artwork faceplate, or why I want any VModa headphones: put anime on them.
DaS pantsman chronicles
Good luck on your moving-away sale a_rec. I wish I have the money to get the Z1000 or the Beyer COP (even though I don't like the sound on any setting at all. :P )
That looks amazing!Pantsman DaS2. Wear no armor. Is that you @kn19h7?
also WoT 9.0 minimum settings runs like a crippled dog. What the hell, WG? I know that my laptop is pretty ****, but holy hell before I can get at least 30FPS consistent at low, now it's 15 at minimum? **** you WG.
>Yoko cosplay >not enough chest Not authentic enough.
I wonder.
Are you being sarcastic? Wat
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