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I'm more cheery than my avatar is. :P I've seen that you seem to like your Vmoda XS. And congrats on your 300+ subscribers now.
And on XCOM, I'm surprised there's no XCOM Warhammer 40k version.
I love Awesomenauts. It's quick, it's cheesy Saturday morning cartoon, and it's MOBA-ey for my occasional MOBA fix. It's awesome.
This is not directed to me, but... I've been busy with my day job ( \o/ ) but truth be told, jobs are boring and the hard work kind of barely pays off. I'm looking to do something on the side though. Like maybe the stock?Man, I've poured too much time and effort into it, and also money for some skins. Then I stopped right after the world series finals just before the overhaul with all these newfangled trinkets and stuff. Now I just don't have the energy to pick it up. Oh...
You know the drill. Check out his channel's about page (contemplating linking it here... nah better not risk it) and there's links to where to get in touch with him. Also that alien forum.I have to agree with billy here. This is Jude's site, and whatever and however he runs his site, it's his job. Disagree? Well, you just have to walk out of the door. Personally, I am doing that. More or less. Only thing keeping me here is this thread only. The other titanic anchor: my fix... Very tempting to pledge for one, but it's Kickstarter...
Well, I didn't take the door-to-door job, but whatever the recruiter said is still a good advice I think. But damn, all that time to con people thousands of dollars Might as well start selling headphones to con more money out of people. : P
Thanks. I'll do my best.A job recruiter interviewer for a door-to-door sales once said to me, in response to "I'll try my best", paraphrased: That means you are coming with a mindset of not giving 100% to anything you're about to do. That means a lot to me.
Great to hear from everyone again.I finally got a job, eh mai gahd. If I'm looking at it negatively, I failed to look for one myself because I'm now working with my uncle's consultancy group, and I'm in it because of pity. But I'm tired of being depressed almost every week, so I am doing my best to be positive everyday. Already a week in (of work)! The positive thing... well, I kept in mind a certain favourite character in heart to keep my going. Occasionally.:S dealing...
How's everybody doing?
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