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27 here tonight.
smh@bowei006 I won’t quote tour post, since I’m typing on my phone here, but yeah, I don’t really hate Another, nor like it.As for bird turd cg anime, just watch it this one time, so that you can have a benchmark of what bad animation is.
It's a bad meme, do not watchWhy are you planning to continue? It's crap, it's bird turd, drop it like a bird flying dropping turd on a riced up honda.
Even if this is a dumpster fire, IMO everyone should experience it once.Then drop it like a flying bird dropping a turd.
Ace clearly mistook Rem oil for Rem juice...
.....I think we should.But then again, I don’t have enough info to start spouting BS. I just picked some bits and pieces from my EDC bag obsession. Well, that and carry in general.
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