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Even if it's still intentional, that still made me cringe. Mission accomplished, I guess
I was confused why you said he was a vocaloid producer. Lo and behold, first one I'm listened to is his last song.
This is getting out of hand. Maybe another Fav 5 vocaloid listing? Then I can silently judge all of you with my crap taste.
That's not bad, tbh. It is a backup phone anyways. But that 5.0 inches screen though. I mean, even with my orangutan fingers, it's quite a stretch for me to reach the top left corner most of the time, but dammit I want something bigger like 5.5 inches because it's just not satisfying to roll around in bed watching anime and "anime".Meizu M2 note audiophile-approved??To be fair, bowei didn't say the contract isn't disgusting.
Hello all Two requests: cheap-ish android phone with 16 GB internal with mSD card slot, and not anything Asus plz. IDK why I ask here, I kind of think that maybe I can get some audiophile-approved phone too maybe? Would-be-nice things would be good GPS performance because the Zenfone 5 is crap if I use it in my car because of the windshield UV film. And better battery life than the Zenfone 5. Would-be-nicer things would be NFC, but since I'm shooting for budget stuff, I...
Hmm, I thought if you scroll a bit there's a button or some kind you can press to go to the latest spam.
Definitely A because prehensile hair.
My thoughts go to you MF. This is one hell of a news to come back to... You've caught the bastard in the early stages, so all the best and get well soon!
Riperino phone battery life.Primarily simplicity is the reason I'm looking for a simple DAP right now. Yes, yes, the clip+ is exactly that, but it's a clip+ :P.So I guess for me the Sony A15 is almost a match made in heaven.
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