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also WoT 9.0 minimum settings runs like a crippled dog. What the hell, WG? I know that my laptop is pretty ****, but holy hell before I can get at least 30FPS consistent at low, now it's 15 at minimum? **** you WG.
>Yoko cosplay >not enough chest Not authentic enough.
I wonder.
Are you being sarcastic? Wat
JJBA is again dominating at being too awesome for anime for the whole season(s). OP animation is still the best in all, use of mixed CG and 2D animation is still the best it can be, no PS2 level CG, very well done, amazing use of OST to the theme, and setting the mood super ******* amazingly. Again. Best choice for ED considering the plot. 'Nough said, JJBA is the best for all times. tl;dr, JJBA is the bestest of the bestest. Again.
********. That's insulting to jojo.
That, or a more "convoluted" "measuring rig" consisting of :a set of songs to use as test tracks, that you at which part of the track the singer farted, or where the guitar sounded a bit off-tune, etc.a control headphone and associated gear that you do not, and will not change the characteristics of, and you know intimately how it sounds as a whole chain,a notebook.Science.
i sad [[SPOILER]]Was semi joking to pay him through paypal/after he got back.
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