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I thought it's funny using an octopus For my eyes only :P
Sigh. Fine.
I realised how ******* creepy it is to put a sizable effort at getting this photo.
Re-posed my Yukarin figma. I put her on an elevated cabinet. Accidental subtle pantsu pose given. I.... don't mind. :3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) photo may be incoming.
I'm not saying new Chaika новые Чайка is bad. I'm just not interested lol. Reasons, unknown. Last time, Chaika, best show. Now?
I don't even know why I backed it. If I were to guess, at that time I may have been high on "I MUSH PAY FOR ANIME" phase. Now I just don't give too much ****s anymore. Much like how I started Chaika 2 yesterday, then 2 minutes in I remembered I haven't watched GBF TRY ep3 yet. Alt F4 Chaika, fire up youtube.
Owh. I thought I copied the name. I backed Time of EVE KS back then, and I got it already. Forgot which tier I went with, but it's basically what's offered in that quote. I don't even have any capacity to play BD lol.... uwuSo they are offering to sell surplus to backers' friends/family before they open for sale with a higher price, less shipping and no premium knicknacks.
Good point. Well, jetpens is out of the question regardless since it can only offer international priority or whatever (the one with international tracking). No matter how much I order, $51 for shipping is too damn high.Hmm, might as well go with tenso considering I've been considering getting a Sanwa trackball from too.I could be nice.
Hmm. I might as well, if I'm going to import from there. And, for funsies, I compared shipping the Pilot Metropolitan from Amazon ($18~), Goulet pens ($15), and jetpens ($14.50). Total cost including shipping: $35~, $28.50, and $65 maybe, respectively. sigh
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