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How does he deal with the dust??You could take a stroll then publicly beat your crotch pinky, if you know what I mean.Like Floridaman:
This is a test of some browser. As always the limitation is head-fi mobile.
Wow, I thought it's the "usual" sailcloth. Was confused why they are shiny and synthetic looking, but that was before I saw the video.Pretty sure this would be my next wallet when that slimfold is too ragged and crumpled.
To be fair, and honest, I would love uncanny valley for horror games/media. Not that I would play horror games, because I'm deathly afraid to play and put 'myself' into one (and the only thing I would do is turn around and run the other way at light speed as humanly possible, while trying to forget it post haste).Anything that would involve something not rooted to "the real world", alien and eldritch, I would prefer some uncanny valley effect.
The only other way to tell this is a video game engine demo, and not real, is the mechanical movement of the camera held by a robot vampire.And I can't wait to see how triple A developers will **** this up during the vertical slice demos, and then we can get back to some unreal uncanny valley character models. Also more console peasant fights as their consoles struggle to render said uncanny valley characters.
I just received my one of these. I don't know how I expect it to hold in a very cash centric country, but here's hoping it would last long enough. Also a country that is very humid at the best of days. Either from the weather or from my sweat lol. But the thinness is surreal though. Even with 5 cards, and 21 notes, it's still half as thick as my old wallet. Empty old wallet. Should've splurged on the soft shell variant...
It's pretty surreal that I can get unending excitement goosebumps just from THE MOST AMAZING GUNDAM SHOW GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY S2. Y'all pissy anime shows ain't no match for thisshonen ********.
I don't see it as much as multi tasking but more as saving money.
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