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Hmm, I thought if you scroll a bit there's a button or some kind you can press to go to the latest spam.
Definitely A because prehensile hair.
My thoughts go to you MF. This is one hell of a news to come back to... You've caught the bastard in the early stages, so all the best and get well soon!
Riperino phone battery life.Primarily simplicity is the reason I'm looking for a simple DAP right now. Yes, yes, the clip+ is exactly that, but it's a clip+ :P.So I guess for me the Sony A15 is almost a match made in heaven.
Now you're just being silly.
Apple shill. :PAww, that's a shame about the wheel. I thought they managed to get it right like Apple did with the Classic. But then again, that was Apple.I don't expect the A15 to be able to drive fullsize cans, but that's what the sony port is for though: to connect line out to an external amp. But it's a shame that it would hiss with sensitive IEMs.I don't think I would stand for the Fiio UI, so I'm probably going for the A15 then.
So what's the pro and con between the sony a15 and the fiio x3mk2? I kind of am looking for a DAP. Not too sure if I want all dem audiophilez goodies though. No, the clip is not acceptable this time.
you guys are plebs. We say torchlight here! Get on our level!!!
"Spoilers pfftt"*clicks spoiler. Scrolls down*"WHAT. WHAT! I REGRET EVERYTHING!"
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