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Nah, I think the antichrist are the ones that can't fathom IE actually progressed and being good now.
What in the flying tempura... Oh Japan.People still making jokes about IE. I use it by choice more than Chrome and Firefox.
A burger don't have to be big for me, I find, if it's sufficiently tasty and accompanied by loads of fat fries.
Sorry, there's a current in joke with meat,so this is extra funny for me. You must loooove meat. Did you name it yet? How did you get it over customs from Japan ?Nice haul, @Netforce =-O
Same difference.
Oh my, those are horrific.
F you and your pois. (╥╯﹏╰╥)ง
There's also this:
Dell has its own spanking new Venue Pro 11 with at least 4GB of RAM, IIRC.EDIT:Both of these have at least 4GB
You should make a /r/HiFiInAction sub.
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