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I've heard good things said about koe no katachi, so maybe that..
Of course Google music is restricted here.Aww it didn't have my I-diddn't-knew-it's-my-favourite-all-along Dancing Mad. That One Winged Angel is awesome though, but now I'm missing the concert...... so good.
Shut your dirty soup hole!! That's like book-form unicorn.
I don't even know the models anymore. @_@Either next or next 2 paychecks I might get one. And another OST disc and a cheap sports IEM from CDJapan because I'm kind of obsessed with them........EDIT: Never forget my lost Clip+ that jumped out of my coat pocket in an autumn day on my way to a lecture on a tram... ;_;7
Speaking of DAPs and highly off tangent, I should hunt for a Clip+. It was said that the new Clip Sport isn't as good (value? worse sound quality? I forgot) as the +.
@deadlylover, amazing Reimu is amazing.
And lipo batteries swell up too when tampered with.
Finally caught up with Urobutcher's Gundam Aldnoah. 1) It's more Gundam than Gundam. 2) I didn't expect a ******* ship. I thought it would be just a mech. 3) Inaho is ice cold. 4) Anime of the Season. EDIT: 5) Sawano Hiroyuki and Kalafina FTW.
Mice has good point. Please go back and edit. I'll deal with the pic later at the office. Yeah I sent it to the office. This is probably the second lady time I'll do it though. Our at least maybe the last time for anime BS.
Look what came in the office this morning. It's... perfection.
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