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Oh yeah you're right.It's been a long while since I saw Abyss ads anywhere I can see ads. I forgot how it looks overall.
Imo a more fitting headphone for her is the Abyss.Seeing that robot plop trying to dive hurts me like watching someone's phone take a dive to Concrete Surface.
Yeah sure it's easy for lazy assess to get on Skype every day.
Come on man. Show me some love and share it on the Facebook group too....
A lot of hair should help hide the weird square band of the viso hp50 imo.
lolwat?? Hmm maybe try a super long ads shounen??? Or maybe even Adventure Time lolololol.Eh?Also you meant kimi no irate mashi.
@kn19h7 yes and no. I shouldn't have to work in weekends unless there're projects that needs to be done fast.
I r8 8/8 m8 top sh8So nice to be slightly care free and not work in the weekends to open your nendo properly.....................................................Now you SS will be guilty (if s/he haven't send it yet).
Sweetest, bestest girl.
F u
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