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you guys are plebs. We say torchlight here! Get on our level!!!
"Spoilers pfftt"*clicks spoiler. Scrolls down*"WHAT. WHAT! I REGRET EVERYTHING!"
Wow. That is megascummy.Damn, now I'm more convinced to get some. Dunno what I'd use it for though :P
Explain? I figure it's some big company ripping off a fan port or something. What game?When you're friends with the Indie Elite, they will ask you for utterly insane **** like this.
I got the impression that he dislikes it. IT'S A GOOD THING!!!!
Dammit mozilla!What do you mean "reeks of yuri"? You pleb!
This is ****ed up tbh. A action cub soft core porn game is much easier to bring to the Western market than a game with songs in it.
So I started an XCOM: Enemy Within playthrough with the intention of an all waifu army of xenokillers. FLAW NO. 1: I can't change the men into waifu, which is utter BS. FLAW NO. 2: I am a **** commander. RIP Sniper Tsunetsuki Matoi, best stalker. ( ;_;)7 Current roster: Assault Fuura Kafuka, Assault Kitsu Chiri, Support Komori Kiri, some Heavy male bloke that I can't change his gender.
I... Umm... Okay...
New Posts  All Forums: