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@vantt1 hey IE11 is ******* amazing. That's no ordinary glue. That's comic book radioactive glue.
They've chosen the latter. Also damn stupid upgrades. Just look at the new Moto X.
It ended very predictably. But noooooo people still watched it however much seasons it got.
2 day battery life? Not if the industry insists on pushing whatever stupid limit except battery tech. Just look at smartwatches. I hope to god will spur the race for increased battery life.
It's the ****.
Typing on my motherclucking Cherry Red MX kb on my android phone via USB OTG on colemak layout through non root app magic. w00t
Proof is in the pudding.very sad that there's a lot forced off from YouTube.
Don't worry,I like them for the cheesiness. Hell I havea playlist for moments that should be hilarious.
Family card? You mean start a family right? I really hope of vortex plays that card, his cousin misinterpret it that way. Massive hilarity.
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