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Selling my HD540 Reference phones.  600 ohm. Very clear and detailed sound.  I am the original owner, and original manual comes with phones.  Nice condition - can send photo.  $100 plus shipping - I'll cover paypal fee.
Hello, I have a pair of HD 540 Reference that I bought new.  They have been used very little; I'm not a serious headphone person.  Is $100.00 a fair price?  I'm in Indiana.  Gary Myers
These are driven off a separate impedance matching adapter which connects to the amplifier output.  They are open-back design.  I bought them new, and they have seen minimal use. To my ears they are very natural sounding, but with somewhat rolled-off highs.  I have them set up with a Nakamichi TA-1A receiver, and in order for them to sound really full frequency and musical, I boost the treble control maybe 1/4 of the way - this seems to make them sound right to me. ...
really useful information - thanks for posting
don't know what they are, but cool idea
boy lots of very impressive stuff!
sennheiser px200-ii is good sound and discrete appearance
very sceptical of any change past 100 hrs
In my experience I have found Sennheiser's published information to be very concise and accurate.
Time to change audiologists, me thinks.
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