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The 75 ohm adaptor will make it sounds airier and more spacious, but thinner and lose some warmth
668B is a good headphone on its price range
$45... Man you're so lucky... CMIIW the 32 ohm have some blue color on the housing ( not on the grill )
Amperior have punchier bass and more rocking sound, treble is more lively too 1R is smoother and sweeter
I wonder if it sounds similar to ES10
770/250 is not a bassy phones
Be careful on the source pairing too, just like rasmushorn said, T70 is very picky
940 sounds smoother, thicker and narrower, T70 is clearer
Congrats! What version / ohm did you get?
Nice song! Listening to Mastodon - Curl of The Burl right now
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