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Hopefully.. I really love to try this
SS : Sound Signature maybe?
Neutrality, perhaps O2. Or maybe you want to build a gainclone
Rarely.. Perhaps around 2-4 times per month. But this month, it's raining everyday
Humid. Yes it should be waaaaaaaaay hotter but it has been raining from midnight. Rainfall levels is very high this month........
23 Celcius right now.. Usually it's more than 30.   When it's hot, i always turn the aircon if i want to use fullsize
Spend the money on Fiio E17, it will be a nice upgrade against the onboard soundcard. Btw are you gonna use the DAC on computer/laptop or phone?
Yup i'm still waiting for a good deal on my hometown. I would like to see the silver one with my own eyes too, never seen the silver one
I can't spot any differences between black/silver driver on 580/600 too. But i can hear the differences on black vs silver 650
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