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Sub bass on K550, when paired with the right source/amp and good quality songs, is very good Some of my friend have some issues on seal too
The 75 ohm adaptor will make it sounds airier and more spacious, but thinner and lose some warmth
668B is a good headphone on its price range
$45... Man you're so lucky... CMIIW the 32 ohm have some blue color on the housing ( not on the grill )
Amperior have punchier bass and more rocking sound, treble is more lively too 1R is smoother and sweeter
I wonder if it sounds similar to ES10
770/250 is not a bassy phones
Be careful on the source pairing too, just like rasmushorn said, T70 is very picky
940 sounds smoother, thicker and narrower, T70 is clearer
Congrats! What version / ohm did you get?
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