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Some like to pair it with warm sounding sources, some like to pair it with colder ones. It's personal preferences i think
The superluxes need an amp, the HD661 is less demanding though. Never tried the HD219 and cocaine, from those contenders your best choice is SJ55 if you want strong bass
Even though the HE500 is quite heavy it's still comfortable
Oh sorry, i didn't know that you had a DACport
You'll be surprised at how good the scalability on HD650
Aww too bad
Yup, for rock i would go with TG334
ALO National has a good synergy paired with HE400
Zeinharis, the DACmini has a very good synergy with HE500. It's definitely an improvement than your LX
1plus2 could be a good contender too. I've compared it to TG334, 1plus2 has bigger and more spacious soundstage, sounds airier too. The TG334 sounds more coherence and harmonic
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