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You'll be surprised at how good the scalability on HD650
Aww too bad
Yup, for rock i would go with TG334
ALO National has a good synergy paired with HE400
Zeinharis, the DACmini has a very good synergy with HE500. It's definitely an improvement than your LX
1plus2 could be a good contender too. I've compared it to TG334, 1plus2 has bigger and more spacious soundstage, sounds airier too. The TG334 sounds more coherence and harmonic
Original : around $140 LE : around $160
  Agree... It's one of the weirdest sounding phones that i've ever heard
Is the MHD-7 still available on store? I would like to try it
D2000 is quite revealing to the source material, if you feed it with poor source the sound can be harsh
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