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JH13 > EX1000 > ER4 > TF10 > SM3v2 > 535LE > PFE 112 > UE700
anyone found a good 320k or a lossless file for this song?     mmmm that's a yummy setup you got there i guess it will be a bliss listening to aria OSTs in that setup
unfortunately, no. it'll only act as an amp when connected to iphone
hi guys... i love how w1000x sounds ( it's my wishlist definitely ) but it's too pricey for me... any suggestions a cheaper alternative that sounds similar to w1000x? i'm using dacport as dac/amp. thank you...
I've tried the CKM55, i think it has a good bass, smooth overall sound and a bit in the bright side, and has a smooth and sweet vocal :)
DT770/80 in my opinion
Is the full version of Futakotome ( Nisemonogatari 1st and 3rd ep Opening ) is already released?
Anyone tried it with Graham Slee Novo? I think it has a good synergy considering the price
finally get a chance to hear it with audinst. yes it does a fair job driving the hd600 and i like it. until i plug it to WA6.....
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