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something like Dacport LX will give you a nice upgrade
by accidentaly landed on this forum
anyone love eufonius ( riya ), lia or ceui here? :p
does the 600 had a differences on the driver like hd650 ( silver and black ) ?
it's been a long time eh? suprisingly after auditioning a bunch of high end i turned to AD1000 PRM lol. thanks for helping !
yeah me too. it's much better with comply tips but i feel it lost some of its low bass
first wow = iphone-silver lod-corda xxs - srh840 first = gamma2-e11-he500
my parents, especially mom will yell continuously and keep yelling even after a week if spend $80 on this hobby. i can't imagine what will happen to me if she found out that i've spent almost $800 :
this hobby make an innocent high school student spent $800 on his gear with his OWN money lol
superluxes are good too
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