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it has a different characteristics, dt1350 is precise, clear and resolving, while the p5 is smooth mellow and midcentric
As far as I know the normal price is around $600 and the secondhand is around $300 The high and mid are silky smooth, smoother than HD600 IMO. However the bass punch is so lacking on PRM, HD600 wins in bass hands down. HD600 is a better choice when handling rocks because the AD1000PRM presentation is too mellow for rock. Even though the PRM speed is still faster As for the AD1000PRM and AD1000, my friend said it's different but I haven't got a chance to hear AD000 so I...
If you can get a good deal, get AD1000PRMOne of the best uppermid representation that i've ever heardGood choice too
HD25 sounds good already plugged to ipod, sure there are some improvement by upgrading he source/amp HD25 is nice on faster paced music and PRaT demanding music like hard rock, metal, pop etc. For the slower ones like country, alternative or slow/soft rock it's acceptable but there are better choices
JH13 > EX1000 > ER4 > TF10 > SM3v2 > 535LE > PFE 112 > UE700
anyone found a good 320k or a lossless file for this song?     mmmm that's a yummy setup you got there i guess it will be a bliss listening to aria OSTs in that setup
unfortunately, no. it'll only act as an amp when connected to iphone
hi guys... i love how w1000x sounds ( it's my wishlist definitely ) but it's too pricey for me... any suggestions a cheaper alternative that sounds similar to w1000x? i'm using dacport as dac/amp. thank you...
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