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Yes it is the newer version, the older version is trapezoid-like
 I'll recommend a DAC with clean sound such as DACport LX and others
 No worries, all Shures headphone are relatively easy to drive. They're quite revealing to the source though
  You should try the SA3000 first, it's a very polarizing headphones
 There are differences on 32/250/600 ohm version. I haven't tried the 32 version but the 600 ohm version sounds a bit more linear and smoother than 250
I was wondering if i change the grille on my HD580 to the HD600 one will it affect the sound or purely cosmetic?
Perhaps like HD650's bass quantity but a lot clean/clearer if i remember correctly
The DT770/80 ohm to be precise
Senn HD600/650 - Bottlehead Crack - DACport LX/HRT MS2+
Yes the senns are good recommendations too if you want a slightly dark sound for classical
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