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No, the 598 is better suited for slower music. Get a Grado   V-Shaped is when the bass and treble is more dominant than the mid
I never liked the brand new pads... Too stiff for my head lol
 Try Apex Glacier of you're using Z1000
If you wouldn't mind secondhand Centrance DACmini or Burson 160DS is a good choice too ( DACmini being cleaner, blacker background. Burson is livelier and more fun to listen )
Yes it is the newer version, the older version is trapezoid-like
 I'll recommend a DAC with clean sound such as DACport LX and others
 No worries, all Shures headphone are relatively easy to drive. They're quite revealing to the source though
  You should try the SA3000 first, it's a very polarizing headphones
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