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I've never listed to Valhalla but Asgard by itself is a smooth and tend toward the warm side IMO. It'll pair nicely with the Senns Also consider Graham Slee Novo for a cleaner and more tubey sounding than Asgard
Graham Slee Solo SRG II, it pairs with HD600 and DT880 nicely
I'll vote for TF10, it suits your genres nicely
I vote for 215. No, the bass on it didn't disturbing the mid, it's just a slight hump on the midbass region. The mid itself is forward. The treble region however, is a bit tuned down so if you love treble or seeking for clarity you probably don't like it. It's also grainy so if you're after a  clean sound you will not happy too
Shure with olives isolates better to me than the Westone
Yup, i use it with my phone and it sounds good already. IMO it's one of the best up to $35
Yes you better go with a desktop amp for HD650 rather than STX's HO
For rock and metal i'll go with HE400
Any preferences on sound or specific genres? Senn HD600 is a good allrounder IMO. Schiit Asgard would be sufficient for it
What's your preferences on sound? Budget limit? Open/Closed?
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