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Sorry i haven't tried it with many amp, i only tested it with a DACport and it's sounds lovely ( makes the bass tighter/punchier, more forward sounding and more forward mids - high )
Well sound quality could be ambiguous too some preferred bright some dark some preferred recessed mids some forward etc. V-Moda is a good starting point
Forward and neutral for me
I haven't tried any ultrasones except DJ1 and ED8, he wants a balanced sound but looking at his genres still needs bass. So i can't think any other than M50
It's wonderful already even plugged straight to DAP but sure DAC/amp will improve it. Try it first plugged directly, if you find some areas are lacking or you want to improve, then look for an amp   Note that if you use ipod/cowon you can't use an external DAC, it's still possible with ipod but it has to be it's compatible with you ipod like CLAS/Fostex HP-P1
I think CAL! will be better as a portable, and it's more comfortable than M50 too
M50 then
Get a secondhand ES10
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