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Any good suggestions for a replacement cable under 300$ mark? i'm thinking about Moon Audio's  blue dragon or black dragon
Anyone had tried the HD386 IEM?
Will the sound change significantly?
As far as i remember WS55 more into bassy side, while M50 is tend to monitoring side
Agree, it doesn't demand an amp
Terrible isn't it?
Smooth and romantic presentation ala Audio Technica, a bit on the bright side, noticeable peak in the upper midrange - treble, good bass ( mostly midbass ), good for low level listening   I would recommend a good source and amp on it even though an iPod can drive it
V-moda, sorry my bad
Sorry i haven't tried it with many amp, i only tested it with a DACport and it's sounds lovely ( makes the bass tighter/punchier, more forward sounding and more forward mids - high )
Well sound quality could be ambiguous too some preferred bright some dark some preferred recessed mids some forward etc. V-Moda is a good starting point
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