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If it's has a flatter bass response, a little brighter and cleaner than the original SE215, i'm sold
Beyerdynamic XP!
Thank you, can you post a short impression? Because i never listened to it
The M80 or HD25 is a nice choice, amp is not a mandatory for these cans too
Try K242HD too
Agree with you and i feel it also quite grainy, paired with Graham Slee Novo however, it'll become a good cans. the bass is not overpowering anymore, smoothen the sound, warmed it up and cleaner
Perhaps K181DJ or HD25 will fit your criteria
Sony ZX700 Shure 840 ( If you can get a good deal ) Brainwavz HM5/Fischer FA003
It's personal preferences, HD600 is more forward and more neutral than HD650, some like it more than HD650 and vice versa
In soundstaging terms, 598 is clearly ahead of M50
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