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Hey there, i'm curious what if i accidentally switched the wire for ground and signal for Mini to RCA , what will happen?
Oh god i didn't know this thread exist. I'm blessed i still got a chance to test this sublime headphones   Out of the Centrance M8 it sounds good already but still lacking some power even high gain is used. Then i changed to Marantz 5004 CDP - Bakoon 7511mk2 and the sound was mesmerizing. Very neutral, very linear, AMAZING timbre, yet sounds so natural and so musical to the point it made me lost in the music. I don't know how the Sennheiser Engineers able to made this...
Shures or ATH AD series are good
I used to have 840 as my transportable can and it's fine as long as you don't use it in "hardcore" ways
The AKG's is fast enough to keep up with metal but it doesn't have the PRaT like Grado/HE400, the Beyer is doesn't have the forwardness of Grado
770/80 ohm
Yes, the 840 doesn't have the bass impact and energy that 770 had
 DT770/80, Vmoda M100 or HE400
 Because for metal you will definitely need speed and fast transients. And the grado will give you that. HD600 is still okay okay for rock or hard rock but for metal they can't keep up with the energy and pace of music IMO
Yes of course, the Shures will sounds good on those genres!
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