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I was wondering if i change the grille on my HD580 to the HD600 one will it affect the sound or purely cosmetic?
Perhaps like HD650's bass quantity but a lot clean/clearer if i remember correctly
The DT770/80 ohm to be precise
Senn HD600/650 - Bottlehead Crack - DACport LX/HRT MS2+
Yes the senns are good recommendations too if you want a slightly dark sound for classical
Maybe you want to expand the budget a little bit and get FiiO E11
If you're using foobar, you could use downmix channel to mono or reverse stereo channel to test if your cans is imbalance or not
You could pair your DT770 with a dark sounding and has a good bass punch amp
DT770 with E10 will be a good pairing, perhaps you want to try the SRH840 too
Some like to pair it with warm sounding sources, some like to pair it with colder ones. It's personal preferences i think
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