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Couldn't agree with you more
Tried the "e" version few days ago. The "e" version had a thicker sound and a bit more mellow sounding than the "i". I slightly prefer "i" due to having a better attack and pace, but both of them are nice headphones anyway.   Interestingly the "e" version sounds clear/cleaner than the "i" despite having a more fullbodied and thicker sound
 Nice headphone you got there!
Tried several new IEM/CIEMs out there.... Currently voting JH Roxanne and Fitear 335DWSR as nominees
Anyone here a fan of fhana? I love their new single  
 Whoa the white ones looks cool
First of all, many thanks to TheDreamThinker for organizing this lovely event and DymlosLouire who helped him most of the time. Do tell me if there will be more events like this will ya? ;)     Very fun meet indeed and there are quite a varied stuffs spotted on there. I tried some new equipment and i think some of them deserves to be given a quick impression       Fitear Private 222 : Imagine a more neutral and bigger sounding Fitear 111, you'll get 222   Fitear...
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