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  So true! lol
Around $300, maybe you want to try Matrix Mini Portable. It's a very good DAC on that price range and had a good synergy with HD600.
I agree, the Woos, especially upgradedwith sophia princess have a good synergy with HD650
Ben E. King - Ultimate Collection
Yes E11 will drive them all, the E11 has plenty of power
 Yes.. The comfort factor is definitely tempting
Does the CKM-500 sounds similar to CKM-55? I compared GR02 Bass against CKM-55, CKM-55 is slower / mellower sounding and have a fuller mids, while the GR02 Bass is more energetic
660 has some reverbs and more closed feel due to the closed back, 668b is more open and have a better layering thus making it better for classsical
For rock, the V-Moda M80 is a good choice. Or if you want to willing to spend more, the HD25 is a good choice too. Both of them are sounds good already plugged directly to iDevices
The E9 is an amp, while the E10 is a DAC/Amp. Better saving up and get the E10, it's a great buy under $100
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