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So sexy
Beyer and Shure are good, but they're bulky. M80 is a good choice. Add Denon D1000/Creative Aurvana Live! ( Same things ) to the list too, ithink it will suits you best. Comfortable, not as bulky as Shure and Beyer, fit to your genres, sounds good already without amp
Yup, better off with DT1350
If you love it then buy the MS1 again. The MS1 sound is quite unique makes it a bit hard to find on another cans
The more i tried this cans the more i love it. Very enjoyable tonality, nice sparkle on treble, sweet mids, amazing ambience for a closed cans and very smooth sounding. I'm still torn whether i get one or not
lol.... It's a legend on my local forum too
Senns responded well with upgrades on amp/DACs. I've never tried the ASUS so i'll better off with DACport or Matrix Mini Portable if i want a simple all in one DAC/amp, or go with DACport LX + Schiit Asgard/Graham Slee Novo
  So true! lol
Around $300, maybe you want to try Matrix Mini Portable. It's a very good DAC on that price range and had a good synergy with HD600.
I agree, the Woos, especially upgradedwith sophia princess have a good synergy with HD650
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