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Yup i agree with you, because of its forward sound flaws are easier to hear
My friend bring ES700 to a local jaben store few days ago when i was on holiday in other city so i wasn't able to hear it dang... But most of them says good thing about this phones
Hmm in my country LE is a little bit more expensive than the original one
Wow, white cables!
So true! Some people still prefer the TF10 due to it's unique sound
Matrix Mini Portable
Maybe add Bursons amp too to your list. It's a good pairing
If you're looking for a comfortable and spacious stage, AD900 will fit you. Never tried the Logitech
HD600? Try asking in recommendations thread too
Tried 1R directly to my phone, sounds good already! It's still scale up nicely with an amp/DAC though
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