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Looks like it will be an upgrade from the older AKMs by looking at that review...
Easier to drive but still pretty resolving to sources/amps
I've tried these and i think the X2 is a serious contender on it's price range. Easy to drive, extremely comfy, and very very good sound. Definitely my fav in under $500 range
Wow that's the same reason that made me downgrading from LCD2s , i miss HD600 now...
Couldn't agree with you more
Tried the "e" version few days ago. The "e" version had a thicker sound and a bit more mellow sounding than the "i". I slightly prefer "i" due to having a better attack and pace, but both of them are nice headphones anyway.   Interestingly the "e" version sounds clear/cleaner than the "i" despite having a more fullbodied and thicker sound
 Nice headphone you got there!
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