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Im torn between iphone 6/6s or galaxy s7.... Those sounds good?
If you find it too muddy, try removing the foams ( inside the pads and in the outer cup )
So there should be no differences on sound between those 3 revisions? Apart from the different cables
I heard that there are some different versions/revisions on TG334 ( 3 IIRC ). What are the differences between those revisions?
Tried it before, pretty nice for a simple portable setup
Any recommendation on a good and durable cable for K7xx? My stock cable connector is getting wobbly lately...
Does the CMB version of M8 output can drive a normal single ended headphones? Or does it have to be balanced?
Looks like i'm a bit late to the game, but this one seems interesting   A good friend of mine will be in Japan for a several days and interested in these. Are there anyone heard it before?
Any comparison between Onkyo 1000 against PS Audio Digital Link III / Rega DAC / Luxman DA100 / Arcam irDAC? Thx!
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