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Any comparison between old GS1000 and GS1000e?
 250ohm Version will fit more i think. Still, slightly different sounds though coming from HD25
Yes the TH900 is definitely better especially in bass and lower midrange but TH600 sounds more linear ( some preferred this ). Changing the cups to woods will alter the sound but i don't know will it be like TH900 or not, never tried them
I remember there are someone said that different batches on T5p also means different sounds. I never compared those though so dunno...
1R is the king of comfort for me, until the 1A comes...
Looks like it will be an upgrade from the older AKMs by looking at that review...
Easier to drive but still pretty resolving to sources/amps
I've tried these and i think the X2 is a serious contender on it's price range. Easy to drive, extremely comfy, and very very good sound. Definitely my fav in under $500 range
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