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Emotiva Halloween sale is on...http://emotiva.com/products/emotiva/amplifiers-0 mini-x for $149...
was thinking of playing a sine wave and measuring at the output, at least to confirm the imbalance I am hearing.
I do have a multimeter, will experiment later. Can I essentially confirm what I am hearing by placing pos and neg of the multimeter on respective channels on the amp and looking at volts?
So would adding a 10W 10ohm 1% resistor on each channel help w/ the volume imbalance? Basically make the amp see an 8-10ohm load.  Run each resistor from pos to neg, one for each channel.
I was anticipating the imbalance at low pot volume, i've encountered it on my magni too. Even with foobar at 50% and windows sound at 50% and with the emotiva at 12 oclock there is slight but noticeable volume imbalance. Right channel is louder, may be related to the right channel being present even at "0" volume, whereas the left channel doesn't produce sound until 8 oclock and isn't producing full sound until at least 9 oclock. 
 D2000: Hiss level is intolerableHD598: Hiss level is worse than intolerableHE-400S: Hiss is audible but not over music. Noticeable during quiet parts of classical/jazz etc...HE-560: No audible hiss - sounds absolutely amazing. Easily worth the price of admission. Only problem I have run into is some noticeable channel volume imbalance on the Emotiva.  As I use my PC, I have corrected this with changing the balance within Windows. 100 Left, 90 Right.  If I wasn't using...
I was looking for an HE-500 but the headband/weight of that design class threw me off, I knew I couldn't deal with the comfort. After wearing the 400S and hearing the 560 at CanJam I knew it was the can for me. The only ones that provided a significant upgrade to my ears were the Ether ran balanced off a BMC ultra and the Stax 009 off a Woo setup. The Stax was unreal, best audio experience I've heard, but for almost $10k its to be expected. Didn't hear the LCD4 but I was...
Yep and it sounds phenomenal with the Emotiva. Much better bass, better everything. Perfect. Loving it.
Sure. The 400S are great headphones no doubt about it, but I bought the emotiva amp and knew the 400S weren't making full use of it. I had heard the 560 at CanJam and was really really impressed even in a loud meet environment. I don't think I will be upgrading my system for awhile at this point. 
Have not tried other hifiman pads. I am trading the 400S in for a HE-560 :x Denon pads require some finagling but do fit well. Not 100% flush but very close. 95% flush to the cup.
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