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Good point.
 Cool I may do that.  So I stick my FLAC files on my 64gb usb flash and I carry it around from rig to rig to test the songs I want? Plus people will have spotify running on their stacks as well?
@zilch0md interesting. I will perhaps give the service another shot.
I will be there. HD-598 D2000. Should I bother bringing my modi/magni? I don't own a laptop...This would be my first meet what should I bring? My iphone with music but CD's also that I want to demo? Really interested in trying the HD650 and some of the orthos with a big amp...
Im in nova as well with fios. Cancelled too.
Yea. Netstat has tidal.exe in israel. I ran a tracert on the ip and it never arrived. Would time-out after multiple hops around the world. Will be cancelling soon.
just signed up today for free trial. Can't even get hifi mode to play for more than 5 seconds. "High" quality works fine. Been like this since about noon EST. I am on 50/50 Fios.
I am selling my Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs w/ Dog Pads. I bought them from Head-Fi'er Wredj10 almost a year ago today. Here is link to his posting. http://www.head-fi.org/t/645352/mad-dog-headphones-with-dog-pads-for-sale-or-trade-for-grado-325i. Mine will also come with the Fostex and grey v-moda cable. I love the headphones but have focused on another hobby that needs $$$. They are awesome with a vintage receiver.   I treated them gently for the last year. Asking $215 OBO...
[[SPOILER]]Unacceptable we cannot wait that long
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