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Yep they sent me a brand new HD650 to replace my dead HD6xx. Looks like I will take the cable MD sends out and make it balanced for future use.
So I sent my 6XX to Sennheiser USA service dept in CT per their website instructions (right channel died after two days) and got a shipping notification from them a few days later. Looks like they are sending me a new HD650 as replacement. The shipment is coming from Wisconsin and should be here tomorrow. Notice the item number and description. Hopefully its a proper HD650 so I won't have to bother massdrop for a longer cable. The dream.  
Also fwiw i use picoreplayer. Never tried rune.
I have read that usb and the ethernet on rpi do not play well together as in the usb cant keep up. I had an rpi with mimby and also had crackling, though not as bad as what you describe. I uograded to an rpi3 with digi+ and run optical to the mimby and all my issues disppeared. I will occasionally get buzzing but thats a power issue. Happens when my heat turns on in my apartment. Have a line conditioner on the way.
I am still experiencing the channel imbalance issue I noted previously and rather than spend the $75 or so to have it repaired by Emotiva, I would like to replace the potentiometer myself. Can anyone point me to a proper model number that will be a direct replacement or upgrade? I believe it uses an ALPS pot but which of the following would i need to get to replace it?    I'm pretty sure it needs to be a 2-gang but what other specs do I need to look...
aww sh*t my delivery date updated to a day early. Should be here tomorrow!!
Initial impressions are WOW!!. Most noticeable improvement over original Modi is increased clarity and detail. Everything just sounds cleaner. Better soundstage, instrument separation. I wouldn't say bass impact is bigger or better but everything is tighter, transparent perhaps? Like the mimby is lifting a layer of "dust" off every aspect of the sound. Analytical without being bright or fatiguing at all. To my ears, also smoother to listen to. Overall, well worth the $$...
This is what I plan on doing, with a possible Jotunheim purchase in my future and some balanced cables as well.
About what I would expect. At RMAF 2015 I found myself at the Sennheiser table listening to two HD650's plugged into the same HDVA-600. One was balanced the other SE. Switching between them i noticed a significant difference in sound and was frankly shocked. Balanced cans were much more meaty, better bass and all around more energy and excitement. A "fuller" sound. Akin to the loudness button on some vintage receivers but without the bloat/muddiness. 
can anyone compare running their HD650 out of the SE and then Balanced output? Curious to know how the 350mW vs 900mW compares...
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