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I am selling my Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs w/ Dog Pads. I bought them from Head-Fi'er Wredj10 almost a year ago today. Here is link to his posting. Mine will also come with the Fostex and grey v-moda cable. I love the headphones but have focused on another hobby that needs $$$. They are awesome with a vintage receiver.   I treated them gently for the last year. Asking $215 OBO...
[[SPOILER]]Unacceptable we cannot wait that long
If you like I think YOU have the issue. I like it.
I cant wait to send in my MD for the upgrade. Going to do a full review comparing the AD with a magni, sx650 and through the speaker taps on the 650. Give people an idea about power and scalability. Really excited to see what they can do through the taps. Jump from magni to 650 is noticeable and the magni hits a wall as far as power goes. Once i get past 1oclock on it the MDs dont really get much louder.
Rubbing alcohol might be a good idea also
Midrange pioneers. Sx-650 to say 850. Dunno whats available in OZ.
Allright i have it working with my Modi out to a pioneer sx-650. Dnt't think my Mad Dogs ever sounded so good. Listening to billy joel FLAC. Seriously good.
allright I got it all working. You have to log-in via Putty to do initial set up. Sounds great so far with just 3.5mm to my SX-650.
So I followed all the instructions on pico player site, I connected the Pi to my TV via hdmi and I get a black screen. I do not see the pi in my LMS either. What am I missing here. I have the pi connected via ethernet to a powerline adapter which is also how I provide ethernet to my desktop.
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